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The American struggle in Huawei is worsening

After a sweeping demand to stop using Chinese manufacturer products among US government officials and even its various allies - one of the company's strongest figures has been arrested in Canada on suspicion of violating Iran's sanctions

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The story of Huawei is absolutely amazing, with its sales volumes in the East and Europe allowing it to threaten Second in the global smartphone market - and in the United States, a real war is being waged against the company and its use of products, which are perceived as a sophisticated and dangerous spy arm by Chinese government officials.

We can not say where the ultimate truth is, but there is no doubt that this is a very intriguing struggle that is now progressing rapidly towards a renewed explosion.

The economic tension between the two powers is at its peak - and it seems that Becomes a central actor in the play

Not only is Huawei a successful manufacturer of cellular end devices, it is also considered the world's largest manufacturer of commercial communications equipment for various cellular networks, with the presence of infrastructures in many countries around the world - including Iran, which is at the center of a new affair In which Man Wangzhu was arrested in Canada, CFO and daughter of the founder of the big Chinese company, with extradition expected to neighbor the United States on charges of aggravated economic sanctions violations imposed on the Ayatollah regime recently.

The eldest of the , Its a little better days

Censorship guidelines make it difficult to obtain further information about the arrest, which was carried out at 1 in December and is only now exposed, but the entire story certainly mentions what happened to another major Chinese telecom operator, ZTE, which was accused of illegal aid to Iran a few years ago And "won" a boycott from American companies dictated by the administration And which did not allow it to continue to operate in practice. The boycott ended after a few months and a new compromise agreement was reached To the United States, but billions of dollars worth of damage remains, along with an official American directive prohibiting the use of its products and equipment (Or Huawei) in the American army and government.

Prohibited business in Iran, spying charges for China - and against great economic success and speed of hundreds of millions of models every year

Can we see here a boycott and a similar mortal injury in Huawei (making efforts to rely on a lot Self of software and hardware)? We will continue to follow up and update you.


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  1. Absolutely rubbish, this is a US-China trade war. If they had security holes and spyware on Huawei's products then they would show them to the whole world and his wife, they are Chinese spies just like Google at least, and anyone who wants to block and prevent information sharing with them.

  2. The only one who chatter is you.

    The law in China requires all the companies operating there to allow the Chinese government access to their production line, and this includes Western companies that manufacture there.

    It is known that the Chinese government is using Chinese technology companies to plant spyware on Chinese residents and bodies and people all over the world.

    A number of Chinese espionage cases have already been uncovered by government and commercial entities around the world by technological equipment sold worldwide.

    The Chinese are planting spyware on computers, laptops, cell phones, modems, routers that are sold all over the world to individuals, companies and government agencies with the aim of stealing trade secrets, deer or technologies.

    There is no reason to believe that Huawei is any different from any other Chinese company.

    Be sure that if you have a Chinese device, it has spyware.

    As a private citizen it doesn't really bother me because they obviously have no point in spying on it, but for government bodies and private companies this is a very difficult problem and the US government is tired of their behavior long ago.

    1. You are wrong and misleading. It is true that the Chinese government requires, officially or informally, Chinese companies to give them access to their production line, but this is no different from the US. For example, it has been revealed, for example, that the US government requires all US telecommunications providers to provide the CIA and the NSA. Backdoor. Clearly, the same is true of American hardware manufacturers.

  3. Neither wrong nor misleading, there is no Chinese instrument in which the Chinese government is not involved and which is planted with surveillance / espionage measures.

    1. There is no device, point .. that the US or Chinese government is not involved in and implements surveillance / spying.

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