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The Trinity, the Folding and the 5G: Samsung is preparing for its big mobile event

Will the next Unpacked event of the giant company invite us With five new flag products?

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After the CES exhibition was signed for her, it seems that the next big event that awaits us belongs to only one company - . The goal is the 20 in February, a few days before the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​and we are expected to receive a show of all the most talked about smartphones from the market leader, The S10, F model, and possibly the F- Absolutely the first.

The three S10 devices will definitely be the center of the party at the event in San Francisco, The standard S10 is expected to offer an 6.1 Super AMOLED screen and built-in 3,500mAh battery, The S10 Plus will deliver an 6.4-inch screen with a fairly impressive 4,000mAh battery, while the new S10 E is the most interesting addition of a modest "5.8" screen and 3,100mAh battery.

The triad on the way was documented in an almost unprecedented amount of computer processing

All three models will offer the same chips 855 (in China and the United States in particular) and Exynos 9820 (in other world markets) Of 6GB to 8GB and volumes Of 128GB to 512GB - along with the Infinity-O faults that function as a hole on the upper right of the display panel: the S10 and the S10 E will respond to a single SLP camera, while the S10 Plus will be characterized by a larger hole for a pair of cameras.

There is also a look from the back, courtesy of the famous levee Owen Blass

The S10 and S10 Plus may offer an advanced fingerprint recognition mechanism below the screen-based screen Supersonic, and should also benefit from a triangular main set, while the S10 E will be satisfied with a pair of cameras on the back and a fingerprint scanner built into the on / off button. We do not yet have price estimates, but the very existence of three different models should make the availability of the flagship family relevant to a larger target audience.

The S10 Plus model with the double-camera fault is also visible in public, in a cover that is supposed to conceal its true identity from the public

If three different versions do not impress you - it's worth noting two other versions of the - S10, which will target markets where the initial deployment of a fifth generation network will take place in the coming year, with Snapdragon 855 as the first model of its kind to support an 5G modem, Massive 5,000mAh that will support communications technologies that will probably not be particularly effective in their first commercial incarnation.

The 5G models will probably not be too relevant to the Israeli market in the coming year, but the combination of a very large screen and a very large battery can turn them into the ultimate version of , At least in the eyes of some consumers

For dessert, it is estimated that the unique Galaxy F will also make a more detailed appearance in the event - with the large folding screen on its side and a pair of built-in 3,100mAh batteries designed to support the advanced panel that will undoubtedly consume more energy than most of the models we know, -1,500 dollars. Even if you are not one of the biggest fans of - It's hard to argue with the statement that this Unpacked event will be particularly interesting.

Also, F / Galaxy Fold will finally receive an official 20 show and technical detail in February? We hold our fingers tightly


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  1. I did not understand, what's so important about this tin company event? After all, most of its products are Chinese junk, even though the company is generally Korean.

  2. הרגע הצלחתי לעקוף את ההגנה של משפחת GALAXY S8 S8+ וכו.
    לאחר פירמוט המכשיר רוצה את המייל האחרון ואם לא זוכרים אותו אז המכשיר הופך משיא הטכנולוגיה ל משקולת לניירות.
    אז יש מדריך מה לעשות כולל קבצים וכתובות….. וזה עובד!
    בקרוב מדריך בעברית.
    (איך אני עפה על עצמי כעת)

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