Advertisement Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple and Huawei

Samsung launches new humorous advertisements aimed at laughing at the expense of - while competing from the East Trying to exaggerate the Note 9 itself

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Samsung's American division launched a new 'attack' on Apple a few weeks ago, in the form of a set of short and nice commercials under the name ingenius, Which focus on a famous employee of the iPhone genius team, who has trouble dealing with his customers' questions about the relative advantages of the giant products from Korea.

It started with some more general videos, And now with the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 Continues to highlight the specific capabilities of the new model compared to X - the touch pen that exists only on the iPad but does not match the smartphones of the competitor as well as support for face recognition through the array of front cameras that exists on both devices and can no longer be considered a 'winning feature' of only.

It's really not sure these videos will convince my fans But there is no doubt that Samsung now has a good opportunity to boast of its technological achievements against a device that was introduced almost a year ago - and to make the best use of the time to unveil the updated iPhone models for 2018 to reshuffle the cards.

Outside the North American markets, it is very possible that the greatest threat to the And its Note 9 is not at all - but rather Which is constantly growing stronger, and is aggressively preparing to display its new Mate models sometime in the coming months. The top Chinese manufacturer certainly sees itself as a leading competitor of the Korean manufacturer - clarifying this with its own squeak in which it deplores the somewhat modest improvement in the imaging capabilities of the new model.

Not impressed by the fresh tablet - and recommends that photography enthusiasts continue to wait a little longer, it seems

A picture of the P10 Pro dual-array array in the P20 Pro, compared to the P9 Pro's special triangular array, along with the caption "This shows a real improvement between generation and generation," criticizes both the appearance of the Note XNUMX that remains almost identical to the previous one, As well as the double camera that is identical to the one we received six months ago S9 Plus - but what is most interesting here is the promise that: 'Imagine what awaits you later', which probably represents a wink towards the intended Mate 20.

Laughs Who Laughs Last?

Huawei is certainly able to set a high level of expectations here - and we hope you will be able to meet it without disappointing, in order to ensure that the tough competition in the market continues to move the players forward.