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The Galaxy S7 will also come in premium version, with even more processing power?

Sources report that the next flagship device from home Will also be offered in a prestigious and particularly expensive version, with A particularly formidable graphic

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The network continues to rumble around the Galaxy S7, slated to be Samsung's new leading smartphone to be launched this coming January or February, and it's not hard to understand why - by now we know with almost complete certainty that it will arrive (at least in some of its versions) With Exynos 8890 chip, Which appears to be a real performance monster that can even make Exynos 7420 look like Intermediate.

In addition to all reports on the intended launch date or material from which the mantle of the device (the currently leading candidate is a magnesium alloy, which is supposedly milder and tougher than aluminum, incidentally), stands out Very intriguing reporting About the Premium version of the S7 - which is more naturally expensive, will offer a screen resolution And a chip with no less than 14 threads, compared to "only" 12 threads in 8890 displayed last week.

Does Exynos 8890 also look like Exynos 8900 (or 8990?), With even more processing power for a new super-premium device?
Does the side of the 8890 looks as well 8900 (or 8990?), With even more processing power in favor of a new super-premium device?

It's a bit hard for us to believe this rumor, because this means that the Galaxy S7 Premium will actually come with a chip that is not Exynos 8890 - The addition of any processing clusters (in the same manufacturing process) means a physical increase in the chip, and we do not remember too many situations where chips of different physical sizes and with different capabilities were under the same model name, perhaps except A9 where the minor difference is the result of collaboration with two different chip manufacturers with different production technologies.

However, we believe that the general idea of ​​the report, according to which we will see more automakers in the near future And presenting up-to-date versions of their flagship flagship products makes sense. Many automakers are desperately looking for a way to increase their profitability in the competitive smartphone world, and it seems that apart from recruiting all the latest technology and all possible branding to create a new super category where profit margins can be slightly wider, there are not many other possible directions, given the tremendous competition coming Because of China and succeeds in surprising us every time with its attractive prices.

Not surprised to see Samsung lift the glove in the premium handsets, as it has in fact been doing for two years with its Edge models, which offer unique gimmicks at a small (but significant, ultimately) cost. The Galaxy S7 is sure to come in the Edge version as well - and we're not opposed to the idea of ​​also seeing a third version of the device that offers unique features. Perhaps one that will also come with water and dust immunity and a particularly large battery, similarly For the great Galaxy S6 Active But exclusive to AT & T in the current generation.

Will Sony's ultra-expensive Xperia Z5 Premium launch a new trend in the market?
Is the Z5 Premium is particularly prestigious Will ignite a new trend in the market?

What would you like to see on a smartphone S7 Premium, if any? Share comments with us.


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  1. That's exactly what we wanted - more Samsung bizarre models and zero capacity to support them.

  2. Why do we want a premium model with an idiotic and unnecessary 4K screen that only damages the battery? And to aspire to be a waterproof model? God forbid! The ambition is that the standard S7 will be protected against water by itself. There is no reason not to.

  3. What I like most, but most want, is that a new Samsung model has come out, and for a change there will be no packs in production.
    I had a Galaxy 3 that I really liked, which was unlucky not to receive Sudden Death, even though its board was with the flaw. However, due to another flaw, he would re-start himself with increasing frequency until he was unusable (a power button defect).
    Now I have a Galaxy 5, which is a great device (powerful, comfortable, etc.) but only if it does not happen to have the defect in the motherboard, which causes the camera not to work for example. Luckily it happened a little before the end of the warranty period, and the board was replaced, so for the moment I don't think it will come back ... What sucks is that I replaced the board with a slightly different sample board, designed for the Asian market, so I'll probably be stuck with Android 4.4 for a long, long time ... well Well, at least the device works fine again.
    Oh, and for anyone who updated the device to a version of 5.0.2 that is full of a million bugs, and also makes the device almost unusable ... Bass you. You should return to version 4.4.2.

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