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Google Smarter: Huawei Nexus 6P arrives in Israel on official import

Tablet PC And Google began to be officially sold in the Holy Land, with a price tag that could provide significant competition for the 5 Galaxy Note

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Alpha Telecom, which officially imports all Chinese Huawei smartphones to Israel, has now also launched the new flagship device - Nexus 6P, Which is the first cooperation between To the growing manufacturer, and between To some Chinese manufacturer in fact.

The set price for the base model, with its built-in 32GB storage, will start at $ 100 - although some stores now offer it for both $ 100 and $ 100, as these costs match well The ones we have seen so far at the stores that have imported parallel model imports, such as GoMobile and MDK.


The more successful brother of the 2015 pair of Nexus is coming to Israel, At an expensive-but-logical price

This is a price that is cheaper by several hundred shekels than the official price at which it is marketed in Israel Galaxy Note 5 של , Which, like 6P offers an 5.7-inch screen with QHD resolution, a luxurious metal shell and performance and life Who stand in the forefront of smartphones.

It is worth noting that Scailex is the official importer of Provides two years warranty with the Note 5, as opposed to just a year of Alpha Telecom Laxus - but the bottom line seems to have been born a competition here, which can help lower prices that will certainly benefit consumers who are struggling between overseas purchase, private importer purchase and official importer purchase.

worth the money? It probably depends mainly on your attitude to the Naxos brand, with its clean system and the quick programmatic support it brings, As a Chinese manufacturer determined to establish itself as one of the largest and most well-known international companies.


It is currently unclear whether the 64GB version of the device will also be officially marketed in Israel, although according to Zapp, it is already available in several self-import stores, for about NIS 300 above the standard version price


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  1. We will wait for a review and see if the device is really as reliable as I expect, it has no childhood diseases of a new smartphone and does not have GPS or touch screen problems etc.
    And of course the quality of photography.
    Ask MrBIG00 - The price is high because you are in the State of Israel where everything is priced above the rest of the world, and there is a lot of taxation on everything.

  2. erezo You have between two and nine billion reviews reviews and opinions on this device from seven-year-olds who discovered YouTube yesterday to the world's leading hardware and cellular sites, what review are you waiting for?

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