The Mediatek's ten-core chip pops up in the performance test and delivers very impressive results • HWzone

The Mediatek's ten-core chip pops up in the performance test and delivers very impressive results

The chip's new Helio X20 chipset makes muscle in the reservoir of the popular Geekbench test

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The year 2016 will be very interesting in the smart device world not only because of the standard struggles between manufacturers and various, but also because of the competition between a school of thought that all the most in the processing cores only praise, and the one that targets a limited number of quality and advanced processing cores - in other words, competition between To Qualcomm and Apple.

We do not know who will win the race, but already we can see that both sides have not bad arguments at all. The initial performance of the quad-core Snapddragon 820 has been seen, and now comes up as a result of Helio X20 chip With Mediatek's ten cores To the reservoir Of the Geekbench performance test - with a score of over 2,000 points per individual core (Cortex A72 sample, two of which constitute the top performance cluster of the new chip), and a huge score of over 7,000 points in a state where all cores give their part in the presentation.


This result is particularly impressive considering this Helio X20 Not produced in lithography of Like all its future competitors, but only in TSMC's 20 nanometer process, so that these results, which are closer to multiplying than those obtained from an average 2015 chip in both a single core and multi-core mode, feel like a very welcome jump forward, Of Mediatek to the 16-or-.


First Helio X20-based devices are due in the next few months, and if they are able to deliver similar price levels as we have seen with the Helio X10 chips - we will probably have a big ace in the middle market here.



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