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The accelerated test proved: Galaxy Fold broke earlier than promised

On the occasion of the official launch of the mega-luxury folding device, a promising strength test was undertaken in accordance with promises - and the unflattering results add more headaches for Samsung

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Even after making some improvements over several months, the Galaxy Fold device seems to be Which is priced at nearly 2,000 in stores is not really due to compete for the throne. After examining the Channel The popular JerryRigEverything, which demonstrates that dust and sand nevertheless easily fits under the new flexible panel and into the device body itself after design improvements designed to prevent it - comes an interesting automated examination of the CNET website that proves that the special folding axis of the device may also experience failure earlier than expected.

Samsung has promised to perform reliable tests designed to ensure that the axis responsible for folding (and screen) the Galaxy Fold meets at least 200,000 operations, the equivalent of over 100 smartphone folding and opening operations every day for five years - but with independent testing Performed live on the axis axis failed and disabled half of the flexible screen after a little less than 120,000 folding and opening operations performed by a task-optimized motorized axis. In terms of In itself, this is equivalent to just about three years of use - and for a device with such a bombastic price tag, this is quite a problem.

While the updated Fold survived the famous JerryRigEverything channel abuse test - it was also dubbed the "Most Valuable Pepper Version in the World" for its ability to easily penetrate sand grains, dust and other tiny objects below the screen and into the fold axis and stay stuck there

This is where it is worth noting that the CNET test was far more "violent" than the one documented in the factories of In one of her official product videos for the product, with a very fast closing and opening rate that probably doesn't match the nature of user-anticipated use - but it's hard to deny that this is another negative ad that probably won't help the Korean giant in marketing this innovative model.

This is what the exam looks like Itself, designed to ensure that the Folders survive at least 200,000 folding operations

We're excited that Samsung has decided to take the brave first step and bring a flexible, folding screen device to the market - but right now there seems to be no way to justify its price tag, even for consumers who can afford it without blinking. His number of relative disadvantages in the face of all Another modern one in the area is too big to ignore, despite the special technology inside that will no doubt shine and find its place somewhere in the future. , Now it's your turn to show us what you can offer.

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