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The answer is: Google also prepares unlimited gaming and apps

An official teaser for the Google Play Pass service goes online - in the meantime, no further details about the competition plan are against the Arcade and in front of the promising Stadia service herself

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After the show The intriguing Arcade service from Apple, Officially launched just a few hours ago (unavailable in Israel for now, unfortunately) with over a hundred exclusive games for the giant company platforms, which can be downloaded and played without any restrictions for a predetermined monthly price of 5 dollars - is approaching , Under the pseudonym Play Pass.

Some users have been offered to sign up for the unveiled service, and a teaser in the official Google Play platform Twitter account leaves no doubt that this launch is approaching us - estimated Offer your own list of standout apps that can be freely accessed for a monthly fee of only 5 dollars, with the uniqueness not only of games (such as Marvel Pinball, Limbo and Stardew Valley) but also other apps that are currently available for a basic purchase at Play or include any extensions in paid content only.

Also games, even apps - all for a single (modest?) Monthly fee

The same apps will also be available through Play Pass, with no advertisements, no purchase transactions and all their content - which may make the service's target audience grow much larger than their target audience Arcade, though at this time we do not yet know how many applications and which applications will be included in this subscription.

Documentation of the pre-order (too) to sign up for the new service that popped up for some users
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Google will need to compete not only with Apple as part of the Play Pass (when it comes to direct competition, as each service is available on separate platforms), but also on the Its promise to launch in prime countries during November - with the ability to deliver high-quality gaming based on live streaming from dedicated servers, including smartphones and tablets, will have a large enough media bandwidth.

The Twitter statement that no longer leaves room for doubts

Will mobile writers with unlimited access be able to compete in a quality gaming library of PCs and consoles that can be played based on the same device Compact and portable? Play Pass and There will be a different target audience, but Google will need to make clear to consumers the differences between the platforms, and perhaps even offer some integrated service that will spur some consumers to choose to enjoy all the worlds together.


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