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The best tablet from Xiaomi - now at a very lucrative price

Let's grab the Mi Pad 4 Plus with connectivity Built-in cost-cutting

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Interested in a well-deserved Android tablet? Get acquainted with Xiaomi's Mi Pad 4 Plus, which was originally launched over a year ago, but is also now one of the highest quality offerings in this shrinking category - with a 10.1-inch panel at 1,920 × 1,200 pixel resolution, dynamic memory of 4GB, built-in 64GB expandable storage with microSD cards (up to 256GB), 660 octagon cores, Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11ac dual channels, connectivity Based on a nano-SIM card, a casing made of aluminum alloy and a very generous 8,620mAh battery inside a device with a thickness of 8 millimeters and a weight of slightly less than 500 grams.

Use the coupon code BG9DFC20 The Banggood store will lower the base price of the tablet by $ 60 to the level of $ 272, including $ 2 for shipment to the country - about NIS 955 including an expected conversion fee, where you can also combine 16.5 $ for tax insurance to avoid the risk of paying extra for The product when you enter Israel, so the total cost is NIS 1,015.

The best you can find at a cost of about NIS 1,000 and with fourth generation media support?

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