New world of photography: Nokia 9 enters the market by storm

The first pentagram (or antenna, if you will) array in the world of smartphones promises to provide an unrivaled quality - and perhaps a technological basis that will soon be the basis for all the leading devices

It took way too long - but the final outcome may still justify the long wait. 9 PureView has finally been officially unveiled, with availability in the near future and an exciting photo set that can serve as a springboard for many other smart devices and manufacturers.

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Today, most of the smartphones have a number of sensors designed for different types of photography, as opposed to the ability to change the lens in sophisticated modern cameras - a 'main' picture similar to a prime lens, wide angle photography and close-up photography, sometimes even using a monochrome sensor to improve the dynamic range for a sensor Or a slightly more "artistic" scent.

Meet the first pentagram in the mobile industry - which can also be considered a hexagonal array if you count the accompanying depth sensor, as some market players do

The Nokia 9 offers a different approach when it has five identical 12 megapixel sensors with a f / 1.8 aperture key and an optical array from the Zeiss company, three of which offer black and white photography and two more with color photography - all controlled by A dedicated processing developed with the assistance of Light, which makes programmatic changes in the input of each of the units to obtain one final image with a number of details and an advanced and impressive dynamic range.

The technological concept of the " 9 sounds very similar to that of the start-up light company from the first rumors - and now we get confirmation that there is indeed cooperation between the two

Nokia 9 is one of the only smartphones in the industry that supports DNG photography without compression or loss of data, so the editing capabilities for the images can be similar to those from professional cameras - and there is even a mobile version of Adobe's Lightroom software installed on a smartphone and allowing to play with the products Even without having to move to Some separate.

One of the most compact flagship devices for 2019 Processing from 2018

Beyond the photographic capabilities, you will find on Nokia 9 PureView a P-OLED screen that supports the 10 HDR5.99 standard and 2,880 resolution × 1,440 pixels (no fault, cheers!), Snapdragon 845, which reveals the significant delay in the launch of the model, dynamic memory volume 6GB, internal storage of 128GB can not expand further, Android system Pie with an interface that has undergone very few changes within the framework of the program - One, which also promises updates for at least three years, Built-in screen and built-in 3,320mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 charging and wireless charging support.

Examples of HMD Global images created with the new device. The most impressive in the world of smartphones? Welcome to experience your opinion

The device includes IP67 protection for water and dust, shock and fall protection (although not formally compliant with MIL-STD 810G), a 20-based SLF camera based on a megapixel sensor, NFC built-in connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channel, Connectivity 5.0 and more - all packaged in a dark blue body with a reasonable thickness of 8 millimeters without any back bumps, and weight of 172 g. The price? 700 Euro includes VAT in Europe, which is about NIS 2,870 on the way to an official price that is probably recommended to be about NIS 3,000 in our local market.

An example of an image that was actually taken by the 9, by an independent factor

Is this the first major success of the The new and HMD Global behind the brand? There is no doubt that everything will ultimately be determined on the basis of the photographic capabilities of the pentagonal array - and we are definitely holding our fingers for quality that will knock us out of the chair.

Even if the PureView brand's comeback fails to amaze the world, we are pleased to discover that there is a genuine willingness to innovate and surprise