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Device that refuses to disappear: New versions of NVIDIA's Shield TV

The chipset's popular saloon Android computer continues to enjoy quality software support even four years after its initial launch - and will soon be available in a pair of more powerful and efficient configurations

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NVIDIA is not a company that offers a lot of consumer products on its own, and most of the time focuses on being with institutions and organizations or providing chipset and marketing means for those who deal with logistics and marketing aspects - but when it does offer complete consumer products that it can definitely Quite a few other manufacturers how to do it right.

A good example of this is its Shield TV product family, small Android-based salons designed to prove the power of Tegra X1 chips when it first launched in 2015 - and continue to receive frequent updates (including for the Android Pie system) even today, and despite And in fact gave up the continued development of chips in architecture Which are designed for home products and have shifted focus to dedicated development for the smart car industry.

It is likely that the chip X1 Plus is the same hardware of the X1 in an up-to-date production process that allows you to increase work frequencies - and offer a significant boost in performance

Now, it looks like we're about to get no less than two new Shield TVs - with an updated version of the same chip A powerful and well-known X1, which is also the basis for Nintendo Switch consoles as is well-known, and enjoys renewed relevance in the market which also earned it an update to the 16 nm manufacturing process. One Shield TV Pro device will retain the familiar configuration of past Shield TV versions, but will enjoy an enlarged and improved remote control with a host of new control and chip options X1 Plus that ensures a performance improvement of about 25 percent over Original X1.

New remote control with AAA standard in place CR2032 More exotic - Will there be a game controller as well New?

In addition, a second new Shield TV will offer a compact and unique 4-inch and 16-inch roll configuration with a reduced selection of external connections and a very basic built-in storage (8GB, it seems), but with the same chip X1 Plus that guarantees display support עם Dolby Vision standard and surround audio with Dolby Atmos and Digital Plus technologies.

Support for Dolby's HDR is a luxury addition - which apparently has no streamer Another around

Both of these models appeared in stores online before the official announcement and were soon removed, but the official show seems to be coming before the end of the month - at a price that will seem to be $ 200 for each, in the package along with the latest remote.

The cylindrical and compact Shield TV can become the new hit, or the lack of USB and volume A miniature inner will not allow him to gain momentum?

With the new information revealed to us, users of the previous Shield TV models seem to be able to hope and expect more software support from For the foreseeable future, while a new wave of users will be able to choose one of the most powerful and advanced Android TVs around - we are left to wonder whether there is a chance that we will see the chip in the future as well X2, or any other modern chip from the brand, Reaches the home market and offers continuity to this late success.

It is reasonable to estimate that the X1 Plus is the same Exactly within the Nintendo Switch V2 and Switch Lite devices - but with increased working frequencies thanks to its stationary configuration independent of the resulting battery life. So there may be a chance of getting resolution support Even in the Japanese console's successful console, someday?


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  1. On the other hand, you can play the same Android games with a computer emulator🤔

    And can be saved with the purchase of Mi Box או Mi Box S Which also includes official support but what is certain is not the same level of performance as the Nvidia Shield😕

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