The cheapest double of the Huawei Mate 10 smartphone on the way

The successful brand of Honor Will soon reappear - with the most advanced hardware the Chinese company has to offer

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Huawei's massive Mate 10 tablet was introduced only about a month ago and has already proved to us that it has many virtues - with a super-prestigious 97 photography system at the DxOMark site and Up-to-date processing that has proved to be one of the most powerful, with or without its unique computational learning engine.

Now, in the best of tradition, it seems that we can get most of the advantages of the Mate 10 in a cheaper, "younger" and more accessible brand - with the upcoming V10 Honor VXNUMX.

The most advanced hardware, the design a little less - but the price is supposed to atone for it

The new flagship product of the Honor series is expected to offer a full 6-inch FullView display with 2,160 × 1,080 resolution, dynamic memory of 6 GB, generous storage of 64 or gigabyte 128, Kirin 970 octagonal in the process of production of 10 nanometer, built-in rear fingerprint scanner, impressive 4,000mAh battery, EMUI 8.0 system based on And a photographic array made up of 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels on the back and an 13 front-end front, ostensibly similar to the successful offer in Mate 10.

If you thought of buying the Mate 10 but were deterred by the price - you might want to wait another week before the big decision

The smartphones will come with a full metal casing, of course, in a design reminiscent of home models A bit more than the 10 Mate 10 or the P3,000, and most important of all - the initial price tag of 453 RMB in the Chinese market (200 in direct conversion) will make it one of the most sophisticated middleware in the environment, At least a dollar.

The Honor V10 has already passed through the official Chinese examination agency, which means the launch is just around the corner - at least in this country

¤ § It took some changes and cuts to create the Honor V10, but at this point they sound like a small compromise in the much larger consideration that will be given here. The V10 is due to receive an official announcement next week - then prepare for more juicy details as soon as possible.