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Dream of the lovers of small smartphones? XumiX may display Snapdragon 820 with 4.3 screen

A new rumor has it that the Chinese manufacturer may surprise the market with a particularly powerful sexual device

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The latest flagship device of Xiaomi, The Mi 5, Is already one of the most compact and based on today The latest Snapdragon 820 - But the manufacturer doesn't seem to be satisfied, and plans to launch a much smaller version of it without compromising processing power.

According to the Chinese social network weibo, Xiaomi is now preparing the Xiaomi Mini Mi 5, which will only include an 4.3-inch 720p resolution, 3GB RAM and 32GB-based eMMC technology, 13 and main megapixel camera 820, just like the Mi 5 models and most other modern flagship devices.


After she gave us One of the largest smartphones on the market, Is also starting to think about the niche of consumers who miss an era in which the 4.3 inch is considered the perfect size for smart devices entering the pocket?

If this is not enough, the price of the Mini Mi 5, assuming it is real rather than the feverish imagination of any Chinese blogger, may be lower than the price of almost any device Another 820 around - The prevalent rumors speak of a cost equivalent to about 1,800 RMB, which is about $ 273 in direct conversion.


The Mini Mi 5 will come (if it comes) with the At a smaller capacity than the Mi 5 - but such a small screen and relatively modest resolution may allow it to deliver life Better, actually

We do not yet have information on when the Mini Mi 5 will come and what additional capabilities it will offer - we would certainly love to see another compact and advanced smartphone in the market for all consumers who want it, beyond SE and Compact models of Which probably ended their way.

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