The drop is approaching: Will the Chinese manufacturer succeed in reinventing the design of the smartphone? • HWzone

The drop is approaching: Will the Chinese manufacturer succeed in reinventing the design of the smartphone?

Company Prepares us for the launch of an innovative 24 model in January

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Like its more successful counterpart, Oppo, Chinese Vivo is not ashamed to try new things either When it comes to its flagship mobile devices - and now it seems that we are likely to receive its next big surprise within a few days, with a product that has received the somewhat mysterious nickname The Waterdrop.

The manufacturer has begun to distribute teasers for an official event next week, in which a new model will be presented, purporting to be different from everything we know - probably with a uniform, round metal envelope that will wrap the screen from all sides and sides. The second. It is not quite clear how mass production (or effective maintenance) of such a product can be done, but it only adds to the mystery and interest of the event.

Do you remember? With such contours? The teasers and leaks promise us something particularly innovative

The famous leaked account on Twitter Ice Universe Provided some partial pictures Of the smartphone and added a report that the official name of the device may be Apex 2019 - heir The prototype Apex exhibited at the MWC show in Barcelona last year And eventually became a family of NEX models launched in practice.

Fresh publications denote the name Apex - and may imply flexible or vibration-based elements in the product

It is possible that the Apex of the year 2019 will offer piezoelectric technologies to create sound by shaking the glass cover of the screen, as a replacement for the receiver and membrane-based speakers we know - beyond that, any other possible detail about the product is a big mystery. Look forward to more updates from us in the next few days - and do not forget to tell us what you would like to find in this work of .


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