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The eulogies were early? Huawei can continue to do business with American companies

An optimistic meeting between the leaders of the United States and China leads to a positive declaration for the giant company, with the next stage likely to restore the situation to its previous state and cancel all the sanctions imposed on it recently

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The last few weeks have accompanied us with a lot Extremely far-reaching declarations As far as the world's second-largest smartphone maker, Huawei - this is due to its entry into the US Commerce Department black list that has brought with it a multitude of technology restrictions and penalties. Companies like Intel, Qualcomm, Google, Broadcom and ARM Announced the cessation of future cooperation with the manufacturer Due to the government ban, and the future seems suddenly very bleak for those who have declared several times in the past about plans to oust him The world of smart instruments is numbered within a few years.

Right from the start, it was pretty clear that Huawei is one of many game tools in the context of a much larger United States-China power struggle on the way to signing new trade agreements, and we may now see the first lull on the way to settle settlements - with declaration That American companies will be able to continue to make deals with , Under certain restrictions.

The Chinese giant gets some air to breathe after weeks of uncertainty

The immediate meaning is that You will not encounter a situation where you will not be able to continue to manufacture smart devices because they will not have full critical components that are only available from companies in the US market, and you will continue to provide future support for its existing software-level products - when officials from both camps seem optimistic about the manufacturer's chances It will be completely removed from the government's blacklist in the future, enabling it to return to full activity without restrictions in the smart devices and perhaps also in the communications infrastructure where the resistance to it is far more extensive and old.

The current evidence points to the launch of the 30 Mate models in December 2019 - and by then we may already know whether proper future support for these products can be relied upon or not.

There is no doubt that this short boycott period, which the large and ambitious manufacturer has encountered, will be able to have a very tangible impact on its continuation on several levels, but the bottom line Prophecies about the end of the path and the elimination of Huawei There were probably a few exaggerations - though we couldn't be completely sure until everything was back to normal, and so we will continue to monitor and update you on the key developments of This saga.

Will the cancellation of the boycott also stop Huawei's alternative action plans with A dedicated self that answers the ArkOS nickname - or has the Fourth already fallen and gradual disconnection from Google (and other American companies) is inevitable?

Think that Will be able to carry out a positive rebound in the local Israeli market and in general? Let's talk about it in comments.

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