The exclusive McLaren version of OnePlus 6T offers innovative • HWzone charging

The exclusive McLaren version of OnePlus 6T offers innovative charging

updating: The McLaren model of the OnePlus 6T was officially introduced with a slightly updated black-and-orange-orange look, an impressive LPDDR4X volume of 10GB, volume Of the standard 256GB 2.1 and Warp Charge with a total power of 30W for an 3,700mAh battery that is internally distributed to a cell pair, with a promise to charge more than 40 of capacity within twenty minutes.

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The price? 700 Euros includes VAT in Europe, or 70 Euros more than the top 256GB model of the standard OnePlus 6T - which still sounds like a definite deal for the flagship products price , , Sony and, Without mentioning the luxury models in cooperation with Porsche Design or Lamborghini, who are in a league of their own. We hope that he will also reach the Holy Land in appropriate quantities in order to meet demand and provide competition between the various stores.

Not the most advanced charging technology in the entire world - but certainly close to the forefront

The original article: A highly sophisticated model of the smart phone is on its way to the shops

One of the most important upgrades we got On the OnePlus 6T model About a month ago is my life Significantly improved thanks to the increased capacity of 3,700MAH, without compromising the charging times that continue to be the fastest in the entire market thanks to the dedicated Charge Charge charger sold with the product. Is there still room to aspire? It turns out that.

In two days, at 12 in December, an official announcement of a model is expected 6T Added and more prestigious: an orange sub-shade model created in collaboration (or at least co-branded) with British supercar maker McLaren - and according to the official teaser on the network, a fast and advanced Warp Charge seems to be one of its winning features.

After an alliance between Porsche and And between Lamborghini and - We deserve another prestigious union between the gadgets world and the automotive world

The close connections between the company Oppo has many on the network believe that Warp Charge is the dedicated name for Oppo's SuperVOOC technology, which has already amazed us on several occasions in recent months with support for up to 50 watts - and the ability to return full capacity to batteries in just over half an hour, or in other words Double rate from all other advanced smartphones in the market, including the 6T itself.

Assuming that the 3,700mAh capacity that we received on OnePlus 6T will also be maintained in the McLaren version, it can be estimated that a fifteen-minute charge will be sufficient to receive approximately 60 of full capacity, while half an hour near the power outlet will provide over 90 , Which will be a very important message to all the consumers for whom I live Constitute the leading consideration.

This should be the model that will be a festive edition to mark the company's five years of existence - with no significant external changes, with only technological bonuses inside

It is not yet known how much the special McLaren model will cost, but with estimates that speak of 256GB or even 512GB storage capacity and natural 10GB RAM to estimate that it will not be cheap at all - and yet it will cost less than the corresponding exclusive automatic version from Oppo, Find X Lamborghini Edition, Which will be priced at 1,700 Euro or higher upon declaration.

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