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The Battle of FaceID Heats Up: Huawei challenges Apple

The top Chinese player in the smartphone market is convinced that it will be able to provide more accurate face recognition capabilities than those of the top American manufacturer

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Shortly after she made fun of her decision to switch from fingerprint scanning to facial recognition as the primary security measure - Huawei decides to emulate , And try to beat her in the game she herself created.

The Chinese manufacturer, which threatens to snatch Apple into the smartphone market, has unveiled its own smart face recognition system for smartphones, which looks like it is made up of those technological building blocks, but promises to be much more advanced with 300,000 sampling points when building a three-dimensional model of the user's face. Sampling on FaceID IPhone X.

After making FaceID a joke - Decides to try her luck with Almost identical

This increased accuracy allows Huawei to declare its face recognition technology to be safer (with less chance of outsmarting it with exotic and 3D face mask), more accurate, suitable as a means of online payment making - as well as allowing application creation More advanced, as exemplified by something that looks like a blatant copy of the Animoji from home , With the ability to receive and display the user's tongue as well.

Animoji, version with tongue

Huawei did not tell us what the actual commercial models will contain with the innovative camera, but it is a reasonable guess that its flagship 2018 products will be the first to receive it (Huawei P11, for example?) - when not surprised to discover similar competing technologies from other manufacturers in the market Over the coming year. We can only hope that all of this will not necessarily come as a replacement for the common fingerprint scanners, but as an addition of a layer For all who want it.

B- Ensure face detection and unlocking of the smartphone within about 400 milliseconds only, almost as fast as the leading fingerprint sensors on the market


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  1. Face recognition is great as an add-on, but it is also worth keeping a fingerprint reader.
    It is not always convenient to pick up the phone and hold it in front of your face just to unlock it.

    Besides, it is interesting to see whether it really means jumping from 30,000 to 300,000 points. Is it really improving something or have we just started a new number race like the mega pixel cut of the cameras…

    1. At this point it seems logical to move from 30 to 300 thousand. Because they managed to outsmart Apple with a sophisticated mask. While not everyone can create such a mask, it is still possible.
      So maybe a mechanism of 300 thousand points could not be broken with a mask ...

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