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Fifth generation premiere: Qualcomm's flagship chip will be unveiled today

Prepare for the arrival of the The 8150 in question - which will actually get the model name 855

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An official event from Qualcomm in Hawaii managed to confuse representatives of the Techcrunch website, which broke the chipset embargoed information and revealed to us the Snapdragon 855 model several hours ahead of time - the same model we've known over the past few months under the Nile and Snapdragon 8150 code names, With aspirations to become the most popular flagship chip on the market in 2019 and a particularly important milestone in leapfrogging New and advanced than ever before.

The Snapdragon 855 will include a built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU) engine similar to the ones already in place And Huawei and will also be part of Exynos 9820's leading roadmap, accelerating artificial intelligence and machine learning or inferencing performance based on deep learning processing in a remote powerful unit - when Qualcomm announces improvement Of 3 according to the built-in NPU unit 710.

The eight cores remain in place - but now their power relations are no longer as symmetrical as before

As expected, the new chip will be based on TSMC's innovative 7 nm manufacturing process, offering us eight unusual processing cores - four cost-effective Kryo Silver cores that operate at maximum 1.78GHz frequency, three larger and more advanced Kryo Gold cores, reaching one 2.42GHz frequency and one Kryo frequency An individual that is the most powerful and offers up to 2.84GHz operating frequencies and has its own dedicated dedicated cache memory of 512KB. It will be interesting to find out how much this array is designed to provide Momentary multipliers for assays All kinds of - and how effective it will be in executing the effort over time like gaming apps, for example.

Qualcomm's performance may not overshadow those of the A12 Bionic In all respects - but they will undoubtedly be outstanding Android users, especially in the graphics segment with the new Adreno 640 core

The third highlight of the Snapdragon 855 will be a combination of a built-in X24 modem for second, third and fourth generation cellular networks - along with a separate X50 modem to provide the much-awaited support for fifth generation frequencies, for insane overall data transfer rates of over 4Gbps. Much more than anything Elsewhere in the smartphone world so far - though only at a time when we will begin to see a real commercial deployment of Which support the expanded frequency range of the New Age.

The Revolution Already inside - even though we can't even try to guess when we'll see the deployment of counter-infrastructure supporting these technologies here in the Holy Land

See more information about this exciting piece in the coming hours!


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  1. It is interesting to note whether the trend of a variety of cores also reaches the PC market, such as 2 cores that run at the 4.5 and 6 frequencies that run on 3.8, etc. There is interest in the bost but it is not entirely the same

    1. You did not understand.
      You won't need a PC at this rate.
      The question is, when will hardware be provided by "Holgrams"? _ (Maybe towards the end of 19 we'll start seeing commercials like 2 decades ago with cellular cameras?)

    2. I think there's no reason for this to happen. The reason this is so in cellular is to save electricity. Otherwise all the cores were the most powerful type, and of course the PC has no limit of electricity ..

  2. The PC has been eulogizing for a year now… In the meantime it is only getting stronger…
    There's no way you won't need a PC in the foreseeable future when only the graphics card is the size of 3 smartphones and stands alone as the most advanced smartphone on the market.

    The reason is very simple ... The 50XXNNXX50 box office can contain huge processing power compared to the 30X9X4 smartphone.

    A matter of size. (Size does matter :) )

    1. It all depends on the needs of the user. If a laptop is enough for a lot of people, we will also reach the stage where smartphone processing will suffice for most people.

      1. It is inaccurate that uses are also changing
        According to your logic today, the smartphone has a processing power that was not on computers for 10 years ago and I do not see people buying a smartphone docking.

        The processing power is always enough is the applications that will always strive to utilize 100 from the hardware.
        It's like saying a bicycle is enough for a lot of people today so in the future everyone will ride a bike. Bicycle It is a Use Still people will buy vehicles and trucks because it is a different use

  3. Quote of RoiTr

    I think there's no reason for this to happen. The reason this is so in cellular is to save electricity. Otherwise all the cores were the strongest type, and of course,PC No power limit ..

    There is a limit on the output heat that is considered to be power

    1. Already today, in terms of computational power
      Medium smartphone and above, enough for most people

      The reason they are still not replacing computers
      These are things like an interface
      Also because of the operating system and software
      And also because of peripherals, like a keyboard and a mouse
      Big screen etc

      But this is not a limitation of the hardware itself
      It's a limitation of connections and operating system and software

      Browse the Internet, read mail, watch movies
      Playing Casuel games, etc., the hardware is strong enough already today
      And for easy things, even for 4k

      Right for heavy games, and for some professional uses, that's not enough
      But this is a negligible market, relative to the amount of computers

      I believe we will see more smartphones in the future
      With the option of docking stations
      And development in iOS, and Android
      That could replace a better PC

      1. The gaming market is really not negligible, overall it puts a huge amount of money into these companies, so also address them all the time, obviously all casuals have less interest in these things.

  4. Your gaming really is a negligible market that's not the issue
    The bit is that I believe that now with the SSD and the optical internet all the software will be on the Internet (so you can not hack them) (as well as your games) Already Matlab gives support and possibility over the Internet (of course if you bought it otherwise your key 12345 will not work) in the future In my opinion, this would not require strong hardware at all but flexible hardware such as miniature folding screens (like trying to do with glasses, etc.) Of course this method has its drawbacks too, just think that half a world is going to calculate a CST spacecraft and in my opinion this is the direction

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