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First Touch in Windows 10: Xiaomi displays the Mi Pad 2 tablet

The new tablet of the Chinese manufacturer is the first collaboration with , A first and promising touch in the window system, and a device Especially worth a bonus

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As an appetizer next to Redmi Note 3, On Xiaomi have also unveiled their second tablet - the Mi Pad 2, which may be the first spark in a large and successful collaboration with , As well as the Chinese manufacturer's introduction to the devices , As part of rumors and reports of its intentions to enter the world of laptops in the not too distant future. Until all this happens or does not happen, we get Impressive at a very good price.

The Mi Pad 2 maintains similar basic dimensions to its predecessor with the 7.9-inch IPS screen and 1,536 × 2,048 resolution that has already become a new standard in the tablet market (Apple for Apple) and features an Atom x5-Z8500 chip created with XUM process 14GHz Maximum Airmont Processing and Broadwell HD Graphics Core Built-in 2.24 Performance Units, 12GB RAM, Built-in 2GB or 16GB Storage that Can Expand for 64GB with MicroSD Card, 128 Megapixel Camera , A megapixel secondary 8 camera, Android Lollipop system with MIUI 5 interface (and there will also be a version 10, as stated in the title), Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11ac support, stereo speaker pair, connection Type C and also 6,190mAh battery.

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The hardware of the Mi Pad 2 is certainly worthy, even if it is not a big jump over what we got In the original Mi Pad (Tegra K1 's advanced chip And a screen with similar characteristics), but the most significant improvement is evident in the exterior appearance, which in this case also goes from colored plastic to a cold, high-looking metal shell, which has also been cut in thickness and weight compared to the first model.


The price will be very attractive, as is the case for Xiaomi - about 1,000 yuan (about $ 156 in direct conversion) to the Android version with 16GB of storage, and 1,300 Yuan (about 203 in direct conversion) to 64GB version of storage, which Will be offered with both Android system and system 10. It is not clear whether there will be an official version running the two operating systems at the same time, but it is very likely that those who wish to do so will be able to create such an array on their own with easy assistance from existing knowledge on the network.


The Mi Pad 2 is no longer a market like the Redmi Note 3 launched next to it, as there are quite a few Android tablets and / or windows with chips In similar price ranges - however, it is difficult to compare all those small, anonymous manufacturers with the high quality and meaningful name they created for themselves In the last three years. Similar to Shield K1 recently discounted - this is a potential heir to the most beloved Nexus 7 models.

It will be very interesting to see how Xiaomi's first experience with Microsoft's new system feels
It would be very interesting to see how the first experience feels With the new Microsoft system

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