The flexible screens continue to ignite the imagination

ZTE's Nubia brand offers one of the most surprising concepts at the show 2019 - A big one that is also a smartphone

not ready? Pretentious? too expensive? All this may be true - but the Nubia brand of Chinese ZTE has yet to be credited as one of the main innovators at MWC, thanks to Alpha blurring the lines between And the smart wearable products.

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The Nubia Alpha utilizes the flexible screen world that has transformed smartphones from dream to reality to create a smart clock with an oversized display panel that stretches along its entire length, giving it a rather futuristic look - inside is a dedicated operating system based on Snapdragon Wear 2100 With 8GB of Built-in and one gigabyte of Dynamic to operate and provide features that can not necessarily be found in watches or other smart bracelets.

Is this a smart clock? Is this a smart device? It seems that even the creators have not really decided yet

The watch features a black stainless steel structure and strap or a genuine gold finish with IP67 protection for water and dust (but not as waterproof as some other watches, so it would still be highly recommended to remove the product in the shower or before going out for swimming) A built-in 5 camera, a built-in fingerprint sensor and a built-in 500mAh battery that probably explains the relatively modest selection of components - but does not prevent the Alpha from being massive or heavy compared to all Other modern.

It is not surprising that a screen 4 in size and 960 × 192 ultra-elongated pixels through the development of Dedicated, non-Wear OS

The main advantage of the Alpha is to support video calls and even standard voice calls in the overall version eSIM is built-in thanks to the microphone, speaker and camera included in it - so it is a product that can function independently and keep the main smartphone in the house in some cases. We are not sure how many consumers will want to part with the smart device in their pockets or portfolios - but we must admit that this is a refreshing approach to modern technologies in the field.

The Nubia Alpha will be offered for purchase in markets across Europe at a starting price of 450 Euro for a version with only Wi-Fi connectivity in black or 550 Euro for the version Black and 650 Euros (about NIS 2,675) to a more prestigious gilded version with an electronic SIM inside it. What do you think about this offer? Let everyone share your comments.

This is how the future of wearable products looks. Not sure - but the ability to include bigger and more diverse screens is welcome from our point of view