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Continue the year for Xiaomi: another Android One model, Redmi 6 Pro and a tablet

The coming months will be packed with more launches by the successful Chinese manufacturer

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It seems that it does not take more than a week without we get information about Any new company (Xiaomi) - but as long as the vast majority of these models are very worthwhile, you will not hear us complain about it.

The biggest one is coming next month

All the evidence suggests that the Mi Max 3 will finally reach us at the end of next month, after a fairly long pause - and the leading prophecy now has a long 6.9-inch screen attached to it, 710 is up-to-date and extremely efficient, up to 128GB of storage and 6GB's , Built and especially 5,500mAh battery as massive as its display.

The perfect device for the "heavy" media consumers on the roads between us? We'll know soon.

This seems to be the biggest smartphone of it's always been like this?

The strange budget

Another device whose very existence is considered a fait accompli is the Redmi 6 Pro, which will try to bring the controversial screen faults trend to a more budgeted level.

The early images do not work well with the model, but a specification made up of an octagonal 2GHz rectangle (is that the efficient Helio P60?), A dual back camera array and an 4,000mAh battery sounds promising - especially for a device whose price should start at just over $ 150. All details are due to arrive by next week.

The features of the Redmi 6 Pro should be promising, but the look is a little bit different ...

Give the tablet another chance

Another product that can reach us already in July (or even before) is a new tablet tablet Mi Pad - yes, it turns out that they are still manufactured with a system .

The tablet is expected to offer an 8-inch screen, 660, Dual camera, 13 primary megapixel camera, a secondary 5 megapixel camera and a reasonable 6,000mAh battery (which would nevertheless cut about 10 percent of the capacity in the Mi Pad 3). Do you think anyone would be interested in such a device in modern times? You are invited to share comments.

New after a break of a year and a half

Legacy of the Nexus family

The latest model, which seems to be ready to be officially launched on any given day, is the Mi A2 - the company's second Android One device to replace the highly successful A1 with an improved specification that includes 660, upscale 6 screen, a camera array that includes 12 megapixel and 20 megapixel rear units and a 20 megapixel unit for SLF images and more.

The long and detailed video of the experience has already been removed - but its very existence encourages us and suggests that a launch is coming fast

An 11 video clip of Spanish minutes that found its way into the net makes it clear to us that the official show is particularly close - and now it remains mostly guessing the price tags we will receive. Want to try? Let's do it along with everyone in the comments.


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