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The future is here: OnePlus will launch a smartphone supporting a fifth mobile generation next year

The next cellular generation still feels pretty far away from us, but many manufacturers are already preparing for it - and one of them is the competitive and popular Chinese

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We're still waiting For the landing of the OnePlus 6T model The intriguing one, with an enlarged battery and an enlarged screen with a tiny flaw and even a fingerprint scanner underneath it - but it seems the young manufacturer already knows exactly what Nem is going to offer us in the first half of next year: a device that supports networks Of the fifth generation.

It is reasonable to assume that the OnePlus 7, if this is indeed the name of the next generation, will be based on The next flagship from Qualcomm, as is the tradition - be it the Snapdragon 855, the Snapdragon 8180 or another name that has not yet been rumored on the net. Also, it makes sense to evaluate that same Future could include a suitable infrastructure to support fifth generation frequencies, which has not yet been commercially operated at any point in the globe but has already been technically defined by the 3GPP standard documents - so that support from us guarantees our CEO Is something that will be part of several leading devices over the next year.

And its founder set clear goals for the coming year

Although in Israel the realization of the fifth generation seems very far, considering the current frequency shortage and which also makes it difficult to develop a comprehensive deployment of the generation - Fourth, but at a glance it can be stated that the promise of more and more manufacturers to support the next generation of wireless communications is positive and encouraging - and can only help promote the establishment of the necessary infrastructure, first in the world and later here in the country, after the name becomes a slogan for a well-known and well-known product .

OnePlus joins , And others who are already openly talking about support for the fifth generation early next year - or at the very first moment These will be officially launched

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