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Vision that provokes rage: Tomorrow's smartphones will be extraordinarily narrow and long?

The next device from Essential, headed by the daddy of the Android system that has become a controversial figure, creates echoes on the network - and not necessarily for the right reasons

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It's no secret that smartphones have been rising in height in recent years, with screens breaking into 16 aspect ratio: 9, which used to dominate an attempt to increase the user's available display space without compromising the basic ergonomics of device grip - and there are manufacturers such as Who've already taken this fashion to an end with the use of 21 screens: 9 high (or long, if you prefer) unusually. Think it's over here? Essential American companies think this is just the beginning.

The young company that launched its Essential Phone model in 2017 with a vision to serve as a kind of spiritual successor to the Google Nexus family and its partners, with great success, broke a recent silence with Twitter's exposure to extremely long smartphone prototypes that they could Display much more visual information to the user at any given moment (given the software that is tailored to it of course) with minimal impact on apparent ease of use - But not everyone in the network is enthusiastic about the idea, Partly because it was shown in the personal account of one of the founders, Andy Rubin.

The new concept, dubbed the temporary GEM, has caused a stir in the network - but not only because of the extreme design

Andy Rubin was considered the original Android system creator somewhere in the early part of the decade, and for years served as the platform manager within Google himself - until he left to embark on his new venture with the current company. Last year there was a turnaround in this plot with reports For having to leave Robin After forcing himself on one of the facts, the giant company settles on its own internal investigation into the incident and gives a particularly generous package of compensation to a well-known employee to sweep the event under the rug without causing any negative public comments.

There are also concept images of the UI on such long devices that feel more like a remote control than In the traditional configuration we have known for over a decade

Robin soon became a controversial person and even more so, and after about a year of public silence returned to tweeting with The New Smartphone Concept - Immediately encountered with reminders for past events and calls not to purchase (or encourage discourse on) Essential products, as long as Robin is still an official part of it.

Will the extreme reactions in some places on the network cause Andy Rubin (pictured) to reduce, or completely eliminate, his personal involvement with Essential? In the meantime, there is no evidence of this

Is it worth separating the actions of one person into the products of an entire company that employs hundreds of other unrelated employees, or cannot such a problematic transition be overlooked for one of the central figures? Feel free to tell us your point of view in the comments - but in any case, you can't argue with the assertion that Essential manages to generate significant reverberations online, surprisingly for a company founded four years ago and launched to date Only one.

In the past we received And parody videos about future smart devices that will be ridiculously long - and now it suddenly feels like a pretty accurate forecast for the future of the market, at least in the eyes of some manufacturers


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  1. I think the reason why all manufacturers are slowly aligning with these long devices is the 5 generation.
    It will take a while for us to return the 5 inch phones with the removable battery that can be purchased at any store.
    Today, all phones and laptops with internal batteries that are unobtainable in stores and not removable by a basic user
    And you can't use a laptop without the internal battery - compared to an external battery that can be used on a computer with a power connection
    (But it doesn't work with internal battery).

  2. Whoever hates him, so do those who love him.
    I'm not into a long device section, I have a Xiaomi redmi nite 6 pro and it's too long for me, so thinner and longer than that I don't think I'll buy unless I have related uses that are relevant.
    It can be great for controlling a smart home or as an add-on or instead of voice control devices… (I forgot the name 😅)

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