• The upcoming smartphone from Red is coming up with HWzone

The futuristic smartphone from Red is approaching launch

Early registration for the purchase of the The mysterious hydrogen one opens up with Verizon, a US cellular operator, as a clue to the approaching timing of its arrival in the market

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When you're a friend Digital Cinema, which is mainly known for its state-of-the-art cameras and professional photography, has announced that it is preparing to jump into the smartphone market as well - it was pretty clear that the result would not be standard and boring. Now, it seems that we are one step ahead of the holographic capabilities of the model, the Hydrogen One, to the stores - at least in the home market of in the United States.

After the major US cellular operators AT & T and Verizon announced that they would offer Red's Ultra-Premium device in their networks and stores, Verizon has increased And opened a designated registration For those looking to get an update as soon as the Hydrogen One is available for early purchase - something that will probably happen next month, ahead of the official launch scheduled for August. In other words, in about two months we will finally find out whether there is a revolution in the field, or perhaps a missed opportunity.

Front, Front Cameras, External Modular Extensions - and more surprises await us at the upcoming launch

We already know what the final appearance of the Red Hydrogen One will be, which has been delayed for several months to add and enhance some of its capabilities, but we do not yet have solid solid information on the hardware inside. What is known is that the device's 5.7-inch screen will support the ability to display a holographic image with volume illumination and physical presence in space, with a change of object displayed according to the user's viewing angle - something that has not been seen in any smartphone before. The smartphone can also create photos and videos Dedicated holographic format thanks to a pair of primary cameras and a pair of front cameras - including as part of a call To be conducted there.

Can holographic capabilities justify threatening pricing?

The key question now relates to the success of this special product: its futuristic appearance, modular capabilities to interact with extensions that will also open and create Red for photographers and the technology inside should bring the basic price of the Hydrogen One to no less than $ 1,200 - when modeled More prestigious and tougher to be made of titanium casing instead of aluminum casing should be even more expensive and carry a price tag of $ 1,600, which is about 2 more than most flagship devices around. If you rely on reports that the device will satisfy the inside of the Snapdragon 835 chip instead of the latest leading Snapdragon 845 - the company may have quite a few challenges to sell On the scale it hoped for.

Hopefully, There are plans to launch internationally

Even at a price that may start north of NIS 5,000 and even when it is unclear whether there are any plans to officially launch it outside of North America - it is surely a product that will be worth pursuing in the near future. Agree? Let's talk about it in the comments.


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  1. We have known for two years that we are going there.
    We also know that until 2021 communication changes and instead of holding the device close to the ear, we will put it and talk to the other side face to face and maybe even full size.
    The instrument shown in the article is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Don't think so .. The same speculation brought us video calls in the third generation and I can count the number of times I've seen someone make a video call on one hand ...
      On the other hand, I believe that as soon as holographic screens are common, they will find interesting uses that no one can expect at the moment (literally)

  2. Like all red products, another product with a very high price tag and probably well-priced.
    The question is how many people will be willing to pay NIS 5000 for a device and we haven't talked about the expensive model that will reach the NIS 7000-8000 area.
    The real question is how successful will his revolutionary display be if it is successful in less than a year we will see it in the Chinese, two years for Korean and another decade for Apple to declare that they have revolutionized it and it was the best.

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