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All the details about Samsung's innovative smartphones

The first smart folding device is the one that leads the attack for the Korean manufacturer for the current year

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Unpacked 2019 Event Takes place in these very minutes, is broadcast live all over the net - and we are here to provide you with all the innovations that are finally revealed, after weeks of endless leaks.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Fold, the official name of the first folding device of (And possibly the first in the world, in fact), is the one who appeared on stage first - S10.

The secondary screen is very modest, and feels a bit like back to the beginning of the decade in the Android market

As expected, the Fold will offer a tiny front screen (with a huge margin from the bottom and above, remarkable) of the 4.2 inch - and a massive and square 7.3 screen when opened, with a large slit for three cameras on the right and compatibility of several key applications to this new configuration .

But when the body of the instrument unfolds and opens, everything becomes much more impressive. It Real one that fits into every pocket easily

This amazing smartphone comes to the stores at the end of April 2019, after almost a decade of waiting by consumers, although the cost will be even more terrifying than the estimated - from 1,980 dollars (excluding VAT) in North America and from 2,000 Euro VAT) across Europe, or over NIS 8,000, XS Max the most advanced feel like a bargain.

Ouch - few will be able to afford this pleasure on its first day in the market

God- Fold will be offered in four different tones, with up to 12GB of dynamic memory and up to 512GB of ultrafast storage in a new UFS 3.0 standard with six cameras (all) on all sides, with a pair of 4,380mAh shared capacity batteries - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and in the version Which will also add new age connectivity.

The smartphone will support multitasking of up to three Simultaneously in its finite state

After the Fold comes the turn of the " S10 course - right after a short video that shows us ten years of instruments S on stage.

A few months after Apple announced the sale of 2 billion iOS devices worldwide - Shows a similar achievement, and perhaps actually a little more impressive

Another achievement revealed on stage - sales of 2 billion devices Since the birth of the famous brand.

Go to the main course

Unlike the Fold, most of which was kept secret until the very last moment, the announcement of the S10 models does not renew much - the main look and technical details we knew two weeks ago thanks to the various levers.

A triple photo set for the S10 and the S10 Plus - with ultra-wide panorama support

The cameras will have artificial intelligence mechanisms that will guide users to create quality and interesting compositions in their photographs - and there is also support for video shooting In HDR10 Plus for the first time on a smartphone.

That can teach you how to feel like professionals

Samsung has continued to unveil a dedicated version of Adobe Premiere Rush for video editing .

Once again, it seems that there is an emphasis on winking professionals - and those who want to feel like professionals

The cameras in the new devices will also include an "Instagram mode" - with the editing settings of the social network known directly from the camera application.

A combination of terrifying forces?

The cameras move to the other components inside - and as expected, The S10 Plus will come with up to 12GB of RAM and terabytes of high-speed built-in storage, plus a MicroSD slot that supports up to 512GB cards, so that the device can hold up to 1.5 terabytes (!) Of information. The company also made sure to remind us how we got here - from 16GB to storage and 512MB of dynamic memory at S original a decade ago.

New record in storage - At last, it is able to exploit its exclusive production capabilities

The new generation chip promises an improvement of between 29 per cent and 37 percent compared to the generation of the S9 - when it is not entirely clear whether it is Exynos 9820 or 855

Improper improvement - without specifying which Of the two that will be inside

Samsung also confirmed the report that the new devices are the first in the market with media support 6, or 802.11ax, with high speeds up to 20, 5.

Another important bonus for Samsung's array

The S10 Plus will offer With an impressive 4,100mAh capacity, the S10 will provide us with an 3,400mAh battery and the S10e will come with an 3,100mAh battery - store sales will begin on 8 in March, ie in just under three weeks.

God- S10 (right) compared to a flattering certainly- S9
Prices start at 750 EUR for the S10e, 900 EUR for the standard S10 and 1,000 EUR for the senior S10 Plus

Headphones The new Buds will be offered in three shades, with a lower weight than the previous generation, my life Improved up to six hours - and the price of 130 dollars in the United States.

The price is lower, the color selection is greater, and the operation time is longer

In addition, a new smart watch and bracelet will be added to the family: Watch Active and Watch Fit.

The smart clock comes with high waterproofness - you can go in with it to the shower and to the sea

The new smart clock is priced at $ 200 or more, and the Fit will cost $ 100 or more in the United States - Tab S5e announced a few days ago got a taste of some of the limelight.

For the occasion dessert - we get the presentation of the Galaxy S10 5G, the first of the Which supports the connectivity of the new generation (which is still very far from our local market). Will display a Super screen 6.7 INCH and 4,500mAh battery - with fast 25 watts loading.

It seems that the device will offer six (!) Cameras in front and back, with the addition of a depth sensor in the rear of the arrays we have seen in Standard S10 Plus. How much monster canal - is not yet known.

The most impressive device with a new record in the amount of cameras

So what do you think about the event and the new devices of the world's largest cellular manufacturer? It's your time to bring an opinion in the comments!

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