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The heart ache: Watch a disgruntled customer crush Apple devices

A young French guy was not really impressed by the service of the American giant and embarked on a costly and painful vendetta in her official store

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There is a good chance that the video you watch in a few moments will go viral and gain a decent amount of views, and rightly so - while videos where you can find people abusing valuable smart devices in a variety of forms and methods are no stranger to us, and have already become one of the most popular genres on YouTube, but However, not every day you see a guy who loses control and decides to go on an extermination trip to the store Store, with equipment worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that does not belong to it as the main course.

This is exactly what happened recently in the city of Dijon, France, and was even documented in detail by one of the shopkeepers - a young man armed with sunglasses, headphones, a glove and a metal ball that looks like one of those used in the popular European country patank game, The various and hit all the power on the iPhones and PCs (Except for the alarm triggered, apparently due to the identification of an attempt to disconnect a device from its dedicated locked connector) until the arrival of the security personnel of the mall.

You are among the fans of Or not, it's likely that this look of shattering valuable products will make you pinch your heart if you consider yourself a fan of gadgets. According to the online updates, the guy was arrested by the police after the incident and will likely find himself paying for the damage he has caused, and perhaps a little more for the lawyers' salaries, and we can only hope that Apple and other mobile players will find a way to better serve their customers. , One that might be able to prevent such bizarre incidents in the future.



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  1. I did not understand, and all the sellers just stand watching him smashing iPhones? Nobody thought to call security ... a little delusional I would say

    1. As for security, it is reasonable to assume that, as in most orderly workplaces, there is a procedure not to intervene or endanger workers in order to prevent damage to property, and they simply waited patiently for security. After all, the products do not get off their salaries and they have nothing to do with a violent person.

  2. I didn't understand what had happened before that made him angry like that.
    Partial article.
    While it's fun / awful to watch him smashing smartphones, but not knowing why, it's like watching a World War III opening video without being able to understand who started, where, and when.

  3. He does what it takes! IPhones have no operating system written in normal programming language like JAVA but in esoteric languages ​​like iOS or swift. The APPLE company is wicked and good at breaking its devices.

  4. I am also an Android man, I am crazy too that they let me play on an Apple device and I can't find the "back" button either.
    But breaking down shops?!?
    A little gas is not it?

  5. Company Shit Can I understand the frustration and pain? They're not really expensive they just steal them all - and I don't support violence but it does run everyone's head especially with Apple

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