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The hit Battle Royale hits your smartphone (updated)

updating: Now there is also an official video with the first game clips from the The new - and we have to admit it looks very promising.

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Original article: Love Fortnite And find it difficult to stop and play? Now you can do it almost anywhere

After almost a year in which PUBG (or Playerunknown's Battlegrounds) dominated the online gaming market with a high hand With popularity breaking records in a wholesale manner, There seems to be a reversal in the field that gives us a new lead in the upcoming Battle Royale genre - Fortnite, available in free configuration from the creators of the Unreal Tournament series for PC users and consoles and the- 4.

After a great success on the stationary home platforms Which included a huge bar of 3.4 million players at the same time, It's time for the next stage of development - with a new mobile version for the And the Android, which promises to be completely free and identical to the original.

Heroes and progress of the players will switch between the different versions in which they play, so that the universe will be a unified game across all platforms

Fortnite in the mobile version will offer the same battles of up to 100 human users, the same maps and modes of play, the same weapons and similar visual quality - if not even enough Which will allow players from all platforms to compete against each other, for the first time including smartphones and tablets along with computers and consoles. It is quite clear that high-end desktop players will have a significant advantage over those smartphones on the small screen that go with them everywhere - but the very ability is refreshing, surprising and can double (or more) the amount of interest and play in the title.

As with most prominent mobile titles - You'll come first, and Android a little behind

One last surprise from developer and distributor of Epic Games is that the new version will not only be available somewhere in the future, but has already begun today (March 12) - for select consumers on the iOS platform Special Early Registration And will be selected by the creators to participate in the rated launch. We do not know when all smartphone owners will be given the opportunity to join the frenzy, but it seems that this will happen again this year - and will strengthen the odds that those times will forever be remembered as the Fortnite's great flowering period. Agree? Share comments.

PUBG has also launched a mobile version - though only in China at present, and one that is different in some forms from the stationary source


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  1. The truth of the game is more annoying despite its advantages.
    You can't make friends and associate with them because there are no CT VS T teams in one against a century of the game
    Which makes you very isolated. I would feel lonely when I play this game.
    There is no chat to talk to the person you have now won or lost, no verbal rivalry that will sometimes challenge you when you have to face that person again.
    You can't build any friendships with anyone here.
    Another huge drawback is the restriction on the first-body display and the current display is much inferior.
    Another disadvantage is that I often find myself having to go full time during the game for the fuck
    And after you've spent three precious minutes of your life just walking the whole map to catch the fuck at the end someone kills you and you have nothing to take revenge on in the next round.
    No thanks !!!

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