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The home machine that dreams of beating the bartenders

Return the coffee machine to the warehouse, this is old news already - say hello to the vending machine for alcoholic cocktails

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Pre-sealed and ready-made espresso capsules and machines that can be used to pour a cup of quality coffee almost as popular as a cafe have become especially popular in recent years, and today it seems that few people are the ones who do not own a machine from Nespresso or similar in one corner or another of the kitchen - so it is natural to assume Because there will be those who will try to take this trend in new interesting directions.

Bartesian is one great example of a stepmother for coffee machines - a device that began its life as a likable and partially successful mass-funded project and promises to provide you with immaculate cocktails in just a few clicks.

The Bartesian who came to the CES 2020 exhibition for demonstrations undoubtedly worked very hard - but also met the challenging challenge successfully
Photo: HWzone

The updated home appliance has four containers for alcoholic beverages that will form the basis of the cocktail (rum, vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila and anything else you really want to rely on) and operation that will be familiar to anyone who has tried a homemade espresso machine in his day with a dedicated capsule compartment Miscellaneous that would make the general alcohol into a particular type of cocktail - a Margarita capsule, a Cosmopolitan capsule, a Scotch whiskey capsule and the like.

The variety of capsules formally adapted to the device is gradually growing - it is interesting if, in this case too, we finally see the blossoming of the discounted alternative products industry
Photo: HWzone

Consumers are left with only the right cup at the center and pressed the button - as the creators hope to generate long-term revenue for themselves beyond the electrical devices themselves through the marketing of the Bartesian dedicated capsules, making it clear that these are concentrates of only high quality ingredients without added sugar syrup and other Cheap industrial components.

The ultimate housewarming gift for lazy alcohol lovers?
Photo: HWzone

Will you invest $ 350 (The current Amazon price does not include tax and shipping) On a device that will make visiting the nearest bar unnecessary? Feel free to write us your thoughts in the comments.

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