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IPad Peru came to the stores and displays monstrous performance

The price is high and the size is simply huge, though God- The new A9X appears to be the first product to compete with even the best Intel

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As has been reported since the official release date, Apple's new and large tablet, the iPad Pro, officially went on sale at 11 in November - the day it broke retail records thanks to International Bachelor's Day, and was also Israel's online shopping day And its partners.

Along with the tablet were his first reviews, which in total appreciated and glorified the impressive technological achievement of the (The 13-inch weighing 800 device is definitely revolutionary) and the software enhancements that initially enabled real multitasking with half an early screen for one app and the other half for a completely different app - but at the same time most critics also said that the appliance and most of the added products were even a little too expensive ( In terms , It turns out), and noted that despite the low game the product is still quite difficult to operate Due to its physical size. It probably takes time to get used to it, about the same as we used to smartphones size 5.5 inches.

Expensive, but also a performance monster that we have not yet encountered in the ARM world
Dear dear - but so is a monster Which we have not yet encountered in the ARM world

Beyond the heartfelt reviews, the most interesting thing that surprised us iPad Pro is, not surprisingly, its chip - the Apple A9X chip, which managed to jump even over the Apple A9 chips, and in fact over every chip Which we have encountered to this day.

Some technical reports on the new chip are still relatively sparse, but existing data shows that in the popular performance test for the Geekbench processing kernel, which runs agnostic for architecture or operating system, the Apple A9X has a pair of twister cores (in Apple's self-development) at a successful 2.26GHz operating frequency Obtain a score of about 3,200 points for a single core, and about 5,500 points in a multi-core mode. In other words, to rely on the reliability and accuracy of this performance test - Apple's current processing cores offer operation efficiencies nearly 3 higher than Cortex's A57 cores , Similar to that of the Core Cores The E- Current.


Based on this data, we are already guessing that not far from the day when at least some of the company's giant OS X computers appear to be passing through, From processors of For Apple's dedicated processors - after all, the iPad Pro is already emerging as processing capabilities higher than those of the latest standard Macbook models, which are based on the M.

ippd ippd1 ippd2

Amazing - Processing cores that get a better score than the Core Core M processor , And those who even manage to get close to those of the i5 latest mobile phones

In the graphics processing sector, the results have not been significantly accumulated, but there are results in the popular GFXBench test (which also works with many different architectures and operating systems), where the very large PowerVR core in Apple A9X delivers almost 2 (!) Than the latest HD Graphics 520 core built into most mobile Skylake models is higher than the Kepler core built into the Tegra X1 chips (The previous performance champions of the ARM world), and even approach the performance of the discrete GeForce GTX 940M card on the top models of the Surface Book .

ippd9 ippd8

Apple's material achievements in 2015 are unquestionably impressive in all sectors and understandings, and we have no choice but to say 'well done,' and hope that we will soon see other companies that have been able to deliver performance based on chips . One thing is certain, apparently - not far off today when x86 processors and And we will see the need for updated operating systems that will be able to support both architectures simultaneously and with an easy and efficient method. OS is already there, and we hope everyone else is getting ready for that.

ippd12 ippd11

ippd10 ippd13

No less amazing than the performance itself is the fact that the " A9X manages to maintain its maximum frequency over time even under load - which indicates a cool and effective work environment, which is also very surprising in such a low weight and thickness product

Will soon be seen You've also entered the world The graphics core, perhaps as part of the acquisition of the old partner Imagination Technologies? We will not be surprised if something like that really happens.

Apple's early statements are modest this time in relation to the actual situation
The early statements of This time are modest, in relation to the actual situation


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  1. "Intel's current processing cores offer operation efficiencies nearly 3 higher than those of the ARM Cortex A57 cores, similar to those of the current Skylake Core Intel cores." -
    I guess the intent of "Intel" in the front row was actually "Apple".

    Beyond that - dear!

  2. Anyone who thinks that this toy can be compared to an Intel processor based on geekbench is foolish.

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