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The largest and most advanced Galaxy S10 gets a launch date

The 5G version of the flagship device You will arrive early next month - only in his country of origin

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Some smart device manufacturers decided to rely on existing models On their way to create their first 5G products, With minimal changes beyond the dedicated modem extension that provides this capability - but Is one of those who have decided to go for improvements including the reception of the new cellular generation, S10 Which is now receiving its official price and initial launch date.

To provide the physical space needed for the Exynos 5100 modem that is separate from the SoC unit and the additional antennas for extra frequency, it seems that Samsung has chosen to extend the 5G model beyond what we have seen on the other S10 models - with a super screen 6.7-inch diagonal, 3,040 × 1,440 pixel resolution and a built-in 4,500mAh battery designed to match the resulting battery life to the new power consumers on the chain.

Honey, S10 Tin - and why some new tricks

The Galaxy S10 5G will be slightly higher and wider than the Galaxy Note 9, plus 7.9 millimeters thick and similar weight of 198 grams, and will offer a square master array that includes a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that will add new capabilities together to the sensor arrays Available on S10 and S10 Plus - and that might explain why in some places on the network he already has the "ultimate version" of the S10, with all the outstanding features of the other versions and easy additions that can be found only with him.

The Will be available in either black or white, with a gimmick made of ceramic material more resistant to scratches

The end product is a smart device that may be similar to the future Galaxy Note 10, minus the S-Pen of course, and like those who want a display panel as large as possible with a battery at its side, or the best photography experience Samsung has to offer - even In countries where fifth generation networks are not available. Will Samsung indeed decide to offer the internationally-sized smartphone broadly similar to its brother In the S10 family? This is a question for which we have not yet received an answer.

The price is definitely high, as is the case for one of the first fifth generation models in the world - but in fact it seems to be lower than we predicted a few months ago, before official exposure

God- S10 5G will land on store shelves in the South Korean market as early as next week, at 5 in April, with a price tag of 1.5 million won, which is about $ 1,323 in direct conversion, for internal storage of 256GB and dynamic memory of 8GB - when buyers receive headphones Buds and charger No extra charge. Relevant for the average Israeli consumer, or expensive and overly massive? Let's tell what you think about the reactions.


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  1. Wow that means it will cost NIS 5600 in the country!
    Precious to my blood as it is now.
    If KNOX had ROOT enabled and customized operating systems could be installed …… it would have been worth _ (like a desktop computer sitting in a pocket).
    But for surfing to communicate and entertain…. NIS 5600 sounds too extreme.

  2. We do not have the proper infrastructure for 5 generation what it would help if it came to us I did not understand ..

  3. Quote of the Nissan guest

    We do not have the proper infrastructure for 5 generation what it would help if it came to us I did not understand ..

    The device's support is not exclusively for fifth-generation networks, but also with support for all of the fourth, third, and second-generation networks we know - so this model can be very relevant to use in Israel, even when there are no fifth-generation networks on the horizon, based on existing infrastructure and the benefits The proportions mentioned in the article, such as an enlarged screen, an enlarged battery and improved photo sets.

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