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Ultimate upgrade: Xiaomi introduces the Mi 9 Pro with the most agile charging capabilities

Another Mi 9 version is coming to the market - and it will be the most impressive, elaborate and most expensive version of all

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Alongside the crazy Mi Mix Alpha We got a launch of Another interesting and advanced, albeit radically different - Mi 9 Pro, which will be the sixth Mi 9 model sold worldwide (or even seventh, if you also consider the Explorer Edition with the transparent back of the original Mi 9). Mi 9 appears to have a good commercial success, leading the Chinese manufacturer to prefer it over new brand names.

The Mi 9 Pro will offer an exterior design very similar to the original Mi 9 introduced in the February 2019, with a super screen 6.39-inch, 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution and with protective type 6, a self-contained 20 megapixel selfie camera inside a small 'drop' center and triple rear photo system with a main 48 megapixel unit - but will also include a host of important enhancements that are needed.

The focus was on the model Of the Mi 9 Pro, which will be one of the most competitive in the field in countries with the right infrastructure - but will also have a standard 4G model with completely identical features

You The Snapdragon 855 on Mi 9 replaces the enhanced and rushed Snapdragon 855 Plus on the Mi 9 Pro, plus a dedicated X50 modem for fifth-generation cellular communications (though we are happy to have an 4G version without the chip), 8GB dynamic memory or 12GB Built-in storage of between 128GB and 512GB, Android 10 system with MIUI 11 interface right out of the box, NFC built-in, built-in infrared transmitter, 802.11ac dual channel Wi-Fi connectivity, receiver Dual-channel, built-in optical underwater biometric scanner - and 4,000mAh battery with support for 40 watt fast wired charging in the Quick Charge 4.0 Plus, support for 30 watt wireless fast wireless and reverse wireless charging for other 10 watt power products.

The design looks almost completely identical to the standard Mi 9 - but includes an enhancement to the cladding image 6 in the back, instead 5

We've already learned that a statement about maximum charging power does not necessarily directly indicate the actual charging times, but it is reasonable to believe that the Mi 9 Pro will be one of the smartest devices to charge most quickly, even in the arsenal of And the entire smartphone market. At peak times, charging from zero to 100 battery capacity is guaranteed in just 48 minutes using the wired charger that comes with the Mi 9 Pro in the chassis - and full charging in just 69 minutes using the dedicated wireless charger designed to support the device's impressive technology.

The manufacturer declares very impressive numbers - let's hope they stand the test of reality

The Mi 9 Pro will be available in black or white, with a premium 7000 aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 6 back cover just like the front - at 3,700 RMB ($ 520) for the base model with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, 3,800 yuan (533 dollars) for a very affordable version with 256GB of storage and 4,100 yuan (575 dollars) or 4,300 yuan (603 dollars) for jumping to 12GB's With 256GB and 512GB for built-in storage respectively.

The Mi 9 Pro models also include an upgraded vibration engine that supports a variety of levels and vibration modes to give the user the most appropriate sensory indicator

Xiamen's dedicated wireless charger that allows 30 watt charging will be offered separately at a price of 200 yuan, or $ 28 value - and it should be noted that all prices mentioned are for the Mi 9 Pro models , When it is unknown whether the Mi 9 Pro 4G version that is more relevant to the Israeli market will be cheaper or not.


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