Longest: Xperia XZ4 is coming to launch with a unique screen (updated)

Sony plans to take the long-range trend to the end, probably already over the next month

In addition to the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas, it seems that many eyes are already drawn to the next major technological event - the largest MWC exhibition in Barcelona, ​​which is expected to give us not only the " S10, but also the next flagship product from the company Which refuses to give up the field despite the difficulty in accumulating a significant sales acceleration in recent years.

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Beyond the fact that the new device will be based on The Snapdragon 855 is an advanced , And will probably offer support for the fifth cellular generation at least in certain sub-versions of markets where this feature is relevant in the near future - The XZ4 is an unprecedented long screen with an 21: 9 instead of 19: 9 in most modern devices.

Will display a new and unusual approach in 2019
Image source: [Email protected] On Twitter

The 6.5-inch screen may offer 2,520 × 1,080 pixels, or 3,360 × 1,440 pixels if Sony decides to keep the base we saw in the XZ3 generation and will be much longer (or higher) than most of the flagship products we now know with nearly 17 - 5 millimeters long than the massive Note 9 and close to 10 millimeters from the largest iPhone ever created. It is not certain that the choice of a narrow, long body is indeed correct and wise, but it will certainly make the XZ4 stand out in the field and interesting than usual.

This seems to be the screen protector of the intended device - and this may be a boon to all those who want a large screen that will still fit into pockets relatively comfortably

The new smartphone will be officially unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2019, which opens at 25 in February, and offers 4GB's LPDDR6X, built-in 64GB or 256GB storage, a first-of-its-kind photo set for one of the last remaining sensors Single, system Pie and 3,900mAh battery significantly enlarged - will all this allow a quality comeback? Soon we will be able to decide.

Also early results of the XZ4 from the assays Popular images paint a fairly optimistic picture, as one of the most powerful and advanced devices ever