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Lowest price around: The Galaxy Note 10 is available in Israel at a surprising cost

Company Announces that it will market the new flagship models in its online store at a price lower than hundreds of dollars from the official importer

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A few weeks after the big international announcement - Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus Also come to the Israeli market, with Samsung Exynos 9825 processors themselves, With volumes Impressive 256GB as a default and with a two-year warranty.

The prices in Samsung's official official store in the country, Sunny, are in line with the European recommended model prices and are at NIS 3,700 For the standard Note 10 model And NIS 4,200 For the Note 10 Plus model (Compared to a base price of NIS 4,000 for the Galaxy Note 9 last year) - both in white, black or 'silvery prism', which incorporates many sub-shades within it. What is far more surprising are the prices at which she decided to market a company The models in its online stores, Shop and Dynamica.

The official prices are almost completely identical to European prices - with a discount of NIS 200 compared to the previous-generation Note model on the one hand and an increase of NIS 200 on the other, and with a doubling of the built-in storage volume in both cases.

In stores of The Galaxy Note 10 can now be ordered at a discount of NIS 3,000, and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus at a price of NIS 3,500 - a discount of NIS XNUM in each of the cases relative to the recommended cost, despite the fact that this is still an official import. These offer prices are limited to 700 in August and are set for a minimum stock of 31 units only for each model, when it is unclear what prices will be offered The models after this impressive first period.

There is no doubt that the competition in the field of mobile sales in Israel gives its signal

It is worth noting that those who purchase the devices from Sunny itself will enjoy a declared 700 NIS gift package that includes a fast wireless desktop charger, screen protector and car arm with wireless charging support, plus a two-year warranty - while purchasing through the stores. Will receive a one-year warranty without the benefit package in question.

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