Missing link: The Xiaomi Mi 8X will offer an intermediate chip and a built-in biometric scanner on the HWzone screen

Missing link: Xiaomi Mi 8X will offer an intermediate chip and a built-in biometric scanner on the screen

Meet the fourth variation of the intriguing Mi 8 device that will land in the market soon

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It's a little hard to call fingerprint scanners that lie somewhere under the screen and work through a smashing convention in the smartphone market, but it's an elegant feature that many would probably love to see in their pocket device - and soon this capability can become more popular and popular, thanks to Highum and the fresh model it plans. . prima facie.

A new Mi 8 model that bears the name Mi 8X is exposed in leaks, as a combination Between the Mi 8 version of the Explorer And the reduced version of the Mi 8 SE: It will have a long elongated Super AMOLED screen, probably a diagonal size of 5.9, 710 octagonal processing, dynamic memory of 6GB, Of 64GB to 256GB, 3,100mAh battery and, as stated, also scans fingerprints under the screen that leaves the back clean and smooth.

Device without Rear and without semi-transparent back - it certainly looks like a configuration that Shyomi has yet to publicly reveal to us

It is unclear whether the model on the road will feature the advanced X 8 photography system, with a pair of 12 megapixel units in optical stabilization, or a more modest pair of Mi 8 SE with a main 12 megapixel unit and a secondary 5 megapixel unit - but it is certainly expected to be the most basic device around Which is built into the screen, which is supposed to assure him of his own small niche in a dense and tough category.

The Mi 8 SE carries a starting price tag equivalent to $ 265 - want to try and guess how much it will cost with the addition of Under the screen?

Unfortunately, the chances of seeing the model coming to the Holy Land are not as high as those of the SE version that has already been launched.


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