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The monster from the east: Huawei has a new and very advanced chip

The largest Chinese manufacturer in the smartphone market, claims to leap first over its rivals in terms of performance

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For years, we have seen Huasei's subsidiaries, HiSilicon, chasing the technological capabilities of the leading products from Qualcomm, And even manage to narrow the gap and reach a situation where they are "good enough" for most consumers, but not much more. Now, at Hope to finally reverse this trend and become a technological leader - at least for a short period of time.

The tool that should allow this is Kirin 960, which uses a number of innovative technologies before all its competitors and purports to offer Truly victorious, uncompromising and without starlets.

The Kirin 960 has eight processing cores, four of which are innovative Cortex A73 cores that are set to make their commercial debut at this chip, up to 2.4GHz operation, alongside four economical Cortex A53 cores that operate at up to 1.8GHz frequency - G71MP8 in the company's new and improved Bitfrost architecture , Which will operate at an 900MHz frequency, with the entire chip based on the production process of the In the 16 nanometer, 950 and 955 of the company.

After more than 4 years, We want to turn from retard to leader

Beyond the use of the controller supports LPDDR4 memories up to 1,800MHz speed, using the new generation interface layer of CCI-550, official support for the UFS 2.1 standard for structured storage, New dedicated i6 for all peripheral sensors, built-in modem A new generation that supports 12 LTE technology for speeds up to 600 megabits per second and an updated image processing engine that finally supports recording and decoding of content All are expected to contribute to a more advanced, agile and sophisticated general package in Kirin 960 than all previous HiSilicon and, Who tended to have disappointing graphics capabilities and support that is not as rich as the competition.

kir7 kir8

We will not be able to judge objectively until we see practical and independent results, but Huawei declares tens and even hundreds of percent bandwidth improvement for dynamic memory, built-in storage performance, and especially graphics processing capabilities - with numbers that are enough to get past the Snapdragon 820 821 and Exynos 8890 in popular performance tests such as Geekbench and GFXBench to sit on the throne of the Android Market (but without overshadowing The dreaded A10 , worth mentioning). There are also promises for photo capabilities that surpass those of the new 7 iPhone, significantly enhanced audio capabilities, capabilities Upgraded and more.

kir11 kir10

The improvement in general processing capabilities is relatively modest, but it is probably fine to take into account that this was the leading category of high- So far

The Kirin 960 chip is expected to reach the market in commercial products before the end of the year, and is expected to become the most advanced Android chip in the environment (supposedly) before the arrival of the next generation And Samsung, based on a production process of 10 nm, during the first half of 2017, which will probably take the lead again (but will not prevent To be at a much better technological point than it has been to this day).



A promise of 800 megabytes of transfer per second on a smartphone (!) Is not something you hear about every day - let's hope these aren't empty promises

The first smartphone to include the new and advanced chip is the Mate 9, which is reportedly supposed to offer an 5.9-inch screen, memory And volume Of 4GB to 6GB and 64GB to 256GB respectively, a dual main photography array with a pair of 20 megapixel sensors containing optical stabilization systems and more. We do not yet know when the launch will take place, 960 implies that it will not take much longer, probably.

Queen of the double photography systems hope to become a winner in the category of photography in dark conditions?
Queen of the double photography systems hope to become a winner in the category of photography in dark conditions?

Huawei has already started charging price tags that are very similar to those of its major international competitors for its recognized flagship products - and it now appears that it will finally have the full hardware package to justify it. what do you think?

Should I wait for Mate 9?
Should I wait for Mate 9?


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    1. This "Chinese commodity" is the heart of the cellular world today. Unless you've lived under a rock so far, you should know that the market share and growth of Chinese home appliances is second to none. Now in the processors world, too, they are going to pick medals. All this will come to you at sane prices, not the ones that don't get you familiar.

  1. The Chinese devices do contain advanced technology at good prices (which I hope will push Korean competitor prices down), but personally I won't touch them with a stick. All Chinese manufacturers are supervised by the Chinese government and receive spyware at the hardware level that cannot be stopped or abolished. This is China's internal policy and aims to create the world's largest and most powerful intelligence network. Whether you are an innocent citizen of one country or another, or in the case of a politician or celebrity, the Chinese will gain an advantage by having immediate access to the millions of devices manufactured around the world. This is not a conspiracy theory. Evidence of this has already been found in devices from well-known Chinese companies.

  2. Mr. Manager (Lior Matityahu):
    How about mulderfox's claims about Chinese espionage?
    Is there any truth in them?

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