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The most ambitious to date: Introducing the Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

After years of preparation and gradual progress, the Chinese smartphone's fresh smartphone feels like a product that might really be able to compete with the best in the market

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Without too many unnecessary introductions - please get the Mate 8, probably the most impressive and promising smartphone To this day. Will he also be the one who will take her from third place in the smartphones market to the second place (which she employs, Apple remembers)?

The Mate 8 is a tablet that offers a Neo-IPS-size 6-inch screen and 1,080 × 1,920 pixel resolution from Japan Display, with a Gorilla Glass 4 coating on top of it and an up-to-date Kirin 950 chip Which the company presented A few weeks ago, built-in storage of 64GB, 32GB or 128GB plus an expandable microSD slot, 3GB or 4GB RAM depending on the selected storage volume, Android OS 6.0 with latest 4.0 EmotionUI interface, 16 main camera based on Sony's IMX298 sensor With an Optical Image Stabilization System, dual LED flash and auto focus based phase detection, a secondary 8 Megapixel camera and an established Sony IMX179 sensor, support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity 4.2, , Built-in convenience, the 4,000mAh battery is quite generous, with support for charging up to a third of the capacity in half an hour.

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All of this specification is packed in a high-quality aluminum casing and apparently follows the very high quality line that accompanies the company's devices from the beginning of 2015, plus reasonable thickness and weight considering the screen size (7.9 millimeters and 185 grams respectively), and a selection of shades that include a silver, gray and golden set - And unique and winky heat.

Similar to the prestigious Mate S Introduced just a few months ago, the Mate 8 also seems to offer stereo speakers, which are located at the bottom - not as good as front speakers, but it's definitely better than A rear mono that we still find on some of the leading devices

As with a flagship device with very little compromise, the Mate 8's prices won't be very modest either - from 3,000 RMB to 32GB storage and 3GB RAM, through 3,700 RMB to the most lucrative 64GB internal storage and 4GB models Of RAM and up to 4,400 RMB for the top model that will offer 128GB of storage. These are prices that translate to $ 468, $ 578, and $ 687, respectively, when prices of international versions can be estimated to be at $ 500, $ 600 and $ 700 - quite a bit, but still lower than Waffle, and this is obviously supposed to help Maintain competitiveness.


The Mate 8 will start arriving in January 2016 after a grandiose display at the CES 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas, and although we still have some question marks (will the battery life really be enhanced by the combination of 16 nm and capacity greater than average? Will the camera be able to offer competitive results even though the sensor size is relatively small?), The general feeling is that Is on the right path up, and the current smartphone may be a turning point that will make the cautious rise a real leap.

One compromise on Mate 8 concerns the video photography capabilities, which due to limitations in the built-in image processor are still limited to FullHD only, with no 4K photography option - not exactly a big loss for most consumers, but still minus compared to a lot Leading competitors

Agree, or do not think that Ready to go up to the big league in the meantime? Tell us what you think about the reactions.


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  1. Roman Pankov has comments on Facebook
    It won't happen, there are too many Samsung and Apple fanboys here. Huawei will be one of the first but unfortunately there are too many people who believe that Apple is sacred and worth paying 1500 easier to get an apple bite icon on the device. Or those who hate Apple and worship Samsung just because it is Apple's best competitor…

  2. Chinese appliance at 500 $ more than 2000 shekel in Israel No thanks yet The Chinese companies' service and conduct especially in Israel Their support and adaptation of Israeli talents is not a bit problematic and not their own because in Israel buy Chinese cheap and boycott us dearly and cheap price for Chinese products

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