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The most efficient to date: ARM announces Corex A35 core

The British hardware developer has Which promises to be even cheaper and more cost-effective than the Cortex A53, hoping to connect a billion more users to the era of smartphones

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The E- Continues to enjoy tremendous growth in popularity, along with smartphone and tablet markets that rely almost entirely on it, and today it seems that it can already be a direct and significant competitor to the X86 architecture on which Intel's renowned processors and high-.

However, ARM Holdings, which develops and leases the use of cores based on this architecture to the various chip makers, does not seem to forget the modest sources of their success - and launch now A new core processing core, Which is expected to be a true heir to the core Cortex A7 with Better power consumption, and a very popular price.


The new Cortex A35 core will be placed below To the Corex A53 core Which are well known to us from every recent intermediate chip. These two cores will be based on the ARMv8 architecture on the 64 bit (unlike the Cortex A7 which was the core of the 32 bit only) Declare that the performance differences between A53 and A35 are not particularly large, with efficiency differences significant for the new nurse.


First chips to integrate the Cortex A35 cores will only arrive in a while, ostensibly during the second half of 2016, but when that finally happens, we should start getting medium-low-market devices that will be more efficient and affordable than ever - after all last year we saw consumers Many for which a device is based The Cortex A7 core quad operated 'good enough', and the same is true for the Cortex A53 quad-core chips in the current year.

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The Cortex A35 cores are not designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets - in Boast exceptionally high versatility for them, with the ability to create tiny, aged products One or two cores for the computing and web computing world of things, along with the ability to create larger arrays with processing power that suits more significant smart products

The chipmaker believes that the Cortex A35 will allow another billion new consumers around the world to have a smart device with access to the internet's endless data bases (in developing countries, of course), and we certainly hope that vision comes true - Medium and reasonable prices at a cost of only a few dozen dollars sounded like a concept that all users could only profit from.

While the high-performance Cortex A72 core will be replaced in a new year in a new core in the 10 nanometer architecture Itself), the Cortex A53 and Cortex A35 cores are here to accompany us at least until the end of 2017


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