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Most worthwhile of Xiaomi: The Redmi 2 Pro smartphone is available at a great price

The most competitive model in the Chinese manufacturer's catalog will offer you , Storage, and volume Deserve and support all cellular frequencies in Israel, at a cost of about NIS 500

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It is not easy for everyone to make the switch to a Chinese smart device, cheaper but also from a company whose name he has never heard of. Because of this, one can understand why the large Chinese companies that most consumers are familiar with are becoming increasingly relevant with each passing day - and one of the most prominent of which is of course , That its Redmi 2 Pro smart phone is probably one of the cheapest and crunchiest you can put under the category 'Smartphone from a reliable manufacturer'.

On the Redmi 2 Pro, you will get a sharp 4.7 XPS screen with 720 × 1,280 pixel resolution, Snapdragon's humble 410 (Which supports all frequencies of the cellular companies in Israel) with four-core Cortex A53 1.2GHz frequency and core Adreno 306 graphics, and built-in storage of 16GB with an expansion slot for up to 64GB additional, and memory 2GB volume.

More on Redmo 2 Pro you will find a 8 MP camera, a secondary 2 megapixel camera, a pair of SIM card slots, Kit-Kat 4.4 (probably the main disadvantage of this device) with Xiaomi's XUUMX interface, 6.0 Bluetooth connectivity and 4.0mAh battery from the production of Sony or , Which supports the Quick Charge 1.0 technology for charging slightly faster than normal (but not as fast as Quick Charge 2.0 and other current equivalents).


The Redmi 2 Pro can now be purchased at Gearbest's online store at a cost of 130 dollars (about NIS 497 in direct conversion), and with the addition of only 3.28 dollars for shipping to Israel. Very impressive deal for the consideration received.


Note that the Redmi 2 is also available in an additional and simpler version, with built-in 8GB storage and memory Of only 1GB, but considering it is priced at just under 10 dollars from the price of the Redmi 2 Pro - it is highly recommended to spend a few dozen more to get the best spec of the device, which will provide significant good value in the long run.

Plump but small relative to the latest standard that usually dictates screen sizes of 5 inches or more. The weight, by the way, is 133 grams

Available here

The discounted version is available for purchase here

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  1. The site you reference (Gearbest) does not make a correct statement on the package !!
    Expect a fine and delay in releasing the package from customs!

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