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The most powerful smartphones on the market, 2016

Traditionally, the people behind the Antutu performance test publish the list of the top ten most powerful smartphones in their environment, 820 conquers the peak and big

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True, the modern chipset on smart devices can easily satisfy the needs and requirements of many of us, and it is true that the various performance tests usually do not give the full picture that is also significantly influenced by the software application of the various manufacturers - yet it is nice to occasionally get a lightweight and convenient table, which claims to rank And list the most powerful devices your money can buy for you right now.

That's exactly what the well-known Chinese performance test Antutu provides us with data on the average results of the top ten most advanced smartphones on the market right now - at least from the app's perspective, in its latest version 6, which has made a few changes to the ranking and calculation method.


The new Mi 5 MiCNUMX occupies first place at the helm, using the latest Snapdragon 820 chip and 1080p "modest" screen resolution to move slightly past the Galaxy S7 Edge in the Snapdragon 820 version, and the iPhone 6S that dies -Apple A9. Huawei's Mate 8 was ranked fourth and by far among the top three Its Kirin 950, and below it are some of the most powerful Android devices at the end of 2015 - such as the Meizu Pro 5 and the Note 5 based on Exynos 7420, LeEco's Le Max and Vplay Xplay 5, which used newer, 810

That's how the list looked at the end of last year, when the new iPhones opened a significant gap from all Android models
That's how the list looked at the end of last year, when the new iPhones opened a significant gap from all Android models

It's worth noting that the list included only the highest average device from the same manufacturer and based on the same chip - which resulted in the disappearance of models like the standard Galaxy S7 and 6S Plus, since their counterparts scored better. This is also what the Exynos 8890 versions of the S7 and the S7 Edge, which are known to score a few thousand points lower (in Antutu) than those of the Snapdragon 820 versions. In addition, newer Snapdragon 820 devices such as the LG G5 and the HTC 10, SE) were not included in the statistics, which focused on the first quarter of 2016, which ended at the end of last month.

As far as the graphical core capabilities are concerned - in terms of Antutu chips 820 are in their own core, while Huawei's latest chips are somewhere in the early years of 2015, (Not including the Helio X20 not included in the statistics) do not even exist in the top ten

So after a year in which the Exynos of In nearly all the indices, it seems that Qualcomm is returning to its natural place at the top, even if it is a very modest difference from Samsung and Apple, which are after it. What will this table look like in the second quarter of 2016? Probably if a lot more models New 820 models that will push out the 2015 models and bring us to an advanced and impressive status quo in the world of flagship devices.

For dessert - in terms of statistics from Antutu, Samsung's devices are the most popular in the world, by far the most
For dessert - in terms of Antutu statistics, the devices of They are the most popular in the world, far apart from the rest


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