The most expensive Galaxy S10 model will break the peak storage volume for smartphones?

Wild reporting paints us a model device with a terabyte of Quick built - in and 12GB 's Dynamic - for those willing to pay (and lots)

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We received quite a bit Interesting bits of information About Quickly approaching S - 5G versions with Giant, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that can offer accurate and fast detection in large areas, up to five camera sensors and more. Is it now possible to add volume to this list of speculative speculations? Which until now has been reserved for advanced personal computers?

An Italian site called TuttoAndroid Declares that he has obtained information about the official launch date of the flagship devices from home In the local market, as well as official prices of some models that are likely to be similar or identical in most of the major European countries - The basic S10 Lite will offer 6GB of RAM and 128GB for storage for 780 EUR, while the standard S10 model with the same volumes Will be priced at 930 Euro.

The base model should be available in black, white, yellow or green, the medium S10 should be white, black or green - while the S10 Plus will be available in white, black, green and a couple of other shades to be revealed later

These two prices include the local equivalent of VAT, so that their translation into shekels may provide a similar picture to the prices that are expected to be available in the Holy Land as well - are we expected to purchase NIS 3,300 or more for the S10 Lite or NISNUMX Or higher for the S10? At the end of next month we will probably get an answer.

The biggest surprise comes in the reporting of the largest and most advanced S10 Plus model - the base price for the model with 128GB for internal storage and 6GB of Will be no less than 1,050 Euro (about NIS 4,415), and will also be a top-breaking model that includes 12GB of memory And a complete terabyte for storage at the price of 1,600 EUR, or 6,725 (!) In direct conversion.

The planned event of the giant company Becomes more interesting and intriguing thanks to the current leak

So far, we have only encountered one smart Lenovo device with 12GB RAM, which has not yet been officially launched, but we have never seen a smart device with a terabyte of built-in UFS 2.1 storage - this previous record only "512GB" Also the Galaxy Note 9 herself. If the information is indeed real it will be an interesting and very surprising move on the part - and this is possible only because it is one of the world's largest manufacturers of flash chips and DRAM chips, so it is a relative advantage that is definitely required to be expressed in the competitive cellular world.

The availability date for the Nokia device suite is at least the 8 in March, and if we assume that all the information is reliable, it is reasonable to assume that March will also be the official launch date in Israel, S9 last year. Are you looking forward to it, or are prices far too high for you? Write in comments.