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The thinnest, the strongest? Samsung Announces War on iPad, Again

Samsung has a pair of new tablets that pretend to take advantage of the strengths of the - S6 and Note 4 to challenge the iPad and iPad mini for the umpteenth time

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I like the general lines of the Galaxy S6, but I'd like to get it in a much larger package at a lower price? From now on, Samsung has exactly what you are looking for, thanks to a pair of new and advanced tablets that support names Tab S2 9.7 and Tab S2 8.0.

Both new tablets offer Exynos 5433 octagonal advanced cores (but not the most advanced Exynos 7420, unfortunately), super AMOLED screen with a generous 1,536 × 2,048 pixel resolution (yes, this is a "square" ratio of 4: 3, just like Apple), volume of RAM 3GB, an Android LNLOP 5.0 system with the company's familiar interface, 32GB or 64GB storage plus microSD slot, a built-in fingerprint sensor and a very impressive 5.6 millimeter for anyone - which steals from the Galaxy A8 the thinnest device , Just a week after our solemn coronation.


The key difference between the new pair of tablets and the Galaxy S6, except for a chip that comes straight from the Galaxy Not 4, is the casing - in this case only a metal-like plastic with a metallic casing, and not a real metal. However, this choice also has slot-like advantages for expanding storage, and very low weights of only 265 made the 8-inch model and 389 made the 9.7-inch model.


God- Tab S2 8.0 in white, and Black S2 9.7 Tab

To a certain extent, The S2 8.0 is compact enough and easy enough to be considered as a really smart phone, His. Because who determined that 7 inches for this smartphone is OK and 8 inches is not anymore?

The biggest smartphone in the world? Source:

The new Galaxy Tab S2 tablets will be coming to stores next month when Samsung has yet to reveal their official prices, but given the unmistakable resemblance to everything the current iPad and iPad mini offer us - let us throw a prudent guess at 500 dollars for the Wi-Fi version Fi of the big tablet, and 400 dollars for the Wi-Fi version of the 8 inch tablet. Such prices will also put you off Relatively, by the way, thanks to the double basic storage volume, as well as the "bonus" in the form of the slots.

Yes, Samsung has a lot of different tablets Source:
Yes, Samsung has a lot Different

Does this time Samsung have a chance to provide real competition for Apple's unbeatable tablets? Not at all sure, but it may well be the best experience the Korean giant has had so far.

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