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The most useful use of laminated reality? Google's updated measurement app

From today, consumers with ARCore-enabled smartphones will be able to measure objects around them quickly and easily

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Augmented Reality's capabilities for mapping and interacting with real-world cameras have been around for some time on smart devices - but for now, without too many applications that have significant benefits beyond easy short-term entertainment. Google hopes to change that And is now re-launching the Measure on the Play Store, Which does exactly what its name says.

Each device is officially supported by ARCore, the development environment for integrated reality and the laminated reality it launched Officially last March, they can now enjoy free real-world physical object measurement tools - via the smartphone screen, without the need for any additional extras.

Have you always been interested in the size of the table in the living room? Now the smartphone will be able to tell you, and save the measurements for future use

Measure is not intended to fully replace the measuring tape, the plas or other instruments used for precise measurements today, but it is certainly effective for obtaining a good and reliable assessment of the length and height of everything in front of it. It is likely that this is a direct response from home The decision of To offer its own ARKit-based measurement application 12 on the way.

That's how it actually works

As of today there are A list of close to 40 smartphones Of the last two years that support ARCore, when it is reasonable to assume that in the near future it will continue to expand with flag products and other intermediate models. Will simple but intuitive tools like Measure allow this technology to gain momentum and become something that is expressed in almost daily use for all of us? We'll hold our fingers to it.

Measure has so far been available to only a few individual Project Tango devices on the market - and availability is now expanding

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