Bad animal: New benchmarks place the Galaxy S6 in the top, seemingly

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A device with the same name and specification as that of the future S6 Galaxy device Registering one of the highest results smartphone has ever achieved in the AnTuTu test, is it the new flagship device of Android?

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Invitation of For the Galaxy event S6 on the first of March

Is theGalaxy S6 Will be the new king of Android? If this is definitely the one that appears in the next performance test, this is definitely the case. The device, called "SM-G925W8" (the same code name associated with the Galaxy S6 Edge), appeared in the performance test "AnTuTu" with a spectacular result of 60,978, a result that defeats almost all the smartphones on the market today, if not all. For comparison, the Meizu MX4 (not in theThe Pro version) Gets a score of over 50,000 points on this test,Galaxy S5, Which it intends to replace when it is officially displayed at the event , Received an 46 score of only "1" points.

The semi-mysterious device displays first-rate hardware as well, which includes the operating system (Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop, processor Exynos 7420 Four-core Cortex-A53 and four Cortex-A57 cores Run in 2.1 GHz along with a Mali-T760 graphics processor, 5.1 "at 1440 × 2560 (to 576 pixels per inch), three gigabytes of memory And 32 gigabytes of In addition to a rear camera of 20 megapixel and a five-megapixel front.

Have not you had enough? In the GeekBench 3.0 performance test, the Galaxy S6 was able to destroy its competitors, with 1,520 and 5,478 scores on the single-core and multi-core tests respectively. For comparison, The Tegra K1 processor Of nvidia in vistaThe Nexus 9 Tablet Received a single-core result of 1,937 points and a multi-core effect of 3,334 points.

The specification of the Galaxy S6 in the 5 AnTuTu test

But how is it positioned in front of The Snapdragon 810 processor The powerful? From new performance tests The Xperia Z4 (So ​​to speak), which contains the most powerful processor To offer, achieves 1,196 and 3,576 results for single and multi-core tests, which are also crushed by the results of the S6 Galaxy.

But despite these amazing results, first of all, the results of performance tests are not a true and complete measure of smartphone performance, and secondly, all the information we have about the S6 and the S6 Edge is a rumor, at least until Company exposure event On the first of March. Is this the next device you plan to purchase? Tell us in comments!