The new generation begins now: the Galaxy S10 devices have arrived in Israel

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The official launch event informs us of the beginning of the sale of the flagship products trio - with a price war already on the horizon

This morning Samsung Israel held its launch event For the sleek and advanced Galaxy S10 series. According to company representatives, the launch in Israel is among the fastest and first in the world - after South Korea itself.

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We of course give credit, for The declaration event took place only two weeks ago And now these devices are already available in the Holy Land. Not every actress has the ability to load the goods and land her within a few days in dozens of countries around the globe.

Samsung does not forget history and reminded us of its humble beginnings in the world of smartphones, The first of its kind has become a huge success that has only increased over the years with the sequels that are the flagship of the company.

Galaxy S10 Series Comes in three models Which are already offered for sale throughout the country. The existing models are the S10e (relative) instrument, Next to S10 And the more advanced S10 Plus. All three devices come to Israel version Exynos 9820 processors (those who want versions 855 will probably have to wait a little longer), when the S10 Plus version will not only reach the standard storage volume of 128GB (as well as S10e plus 6GB of And S10 standard with 8GB 's Dynamic), but also an increased volume of 512GB.

Recommended Consumer Prices Israel are 2,999 shekels to - S10e, the price of ILS 3,599 to S10 and ILS 3,999 to S10 Plus in the 128GB version. Of course, today you can find the devices at cheaper prices as part of the competition between the various stores and networks - and those who offer a significantly lower price in the city of Eilat without VAT.

Player S8 (right) next to The new S10

Next to the The standard S8, S10 is actually a jump parallel to the Plus model of previous generations with a larger screen of 6.1 inches compared to just 5.8 inches. Of course, the most striking difference is the screen ratio to the body of the device, which is considered the highest understanding of the current generation of smartphones thanks to the advanced display technology and the minimum camera defect.

Hyung-jo, CEO of Operations In Israel

Among the interesting questions asked were "Where are the double sim devices?" Unfortunately, we have not received a concrete response at this stage, but we hope that Listen to the existing demand and begin importing such models, which are important for people who travel a lot to other countries, through official channels.

Such an event demonstrates the importance of the State of Israel as a smartphone economy quite strong for , Even with a modest population size in our country. It is not by chance that we are at the top of the tables between the population size and the number of smart devices.

Are you planning a series upgrade? S10, or are you happy with another device you bought recently? We'd love to hear your comments!