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Prepare for: Another promising smartphone from Huawei

Honor Magic 2, the direct competitor of the Mi Mix 3 and the Oppo Find X, will offer it 7 Elaborate Num in the Mate 20 - at a much more accessible price

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A little after we got the The four Mate 20 models With great potential in terms of processing capabilities and photographic capabilities, Upgrading its Honor sub-brand - with the first model in the slider configuration that threatens to become the next hot trend in the market.

In two days, at 31 in October, Honor's press conference is scheduled to introduce us to the Honor Magic 2 model, which was presented in the Teaser at the beginning of the month and is known to be based on the " 980 advanced at 7 nm.

Another model that raises the gap on the way to the shops

We now know that the intriguing product will deliver a Super AMOLED 6.39-inch screen and 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution, without a flaw, Up-to-date pie, 6GB dynamic memory with 128GB for built-in storage or 8GB combined with 256GB And an 3,400mAh battery with the fastest Super Charge charging reaching up to 40 watts of power.

Will be available in a number of double-tone finishes, similar to other Huawei flag products

The Magic 2 photo array will include a front 16 front pixel unit for selfie photography along with an advanced 3D face recognition array, all of which will be hidden from view in such normal condition and exposed only when you need them. The main rear camera will be triangular, though not as advanced as the Mate 20 Pro - with a main 16 megapixel unit and another pair of 24 megapixel and 16 megapixel units that will be used for close-up and ultra-wide photography.

The smartphone may also offer users Built - in and an analog slot for , To our great delight

A possible price of 4,000 RMB, or 575 USD, will be absolutely competitive with all other models based on the " 980 that we have met so far - but this is only speculation at this time, so it will be worth waiting two more days for all the information and answers required.

Is likely to be more expensive than the corresponding Mi Mix 3, but at the same time cheaper than the different Mate 20 models

Alongside the Honor smartphone we are also expected to receive a brand new smart watch from which we do not have any real information yet - but teaser images highlight significant water protection, life (Seemingly up to a week without charging) and non-contact payment options that indicate the use of a built-in NFC chip. The operating system may be LightOS like the clock Watch GT fresh, while the estimated price is 1,300 RMB, or 187 USD per value.

We got the look of the designated watch - but we're still not sure which one And what? He will build, and exactly how he will try to stand out among dozens of competing models including his stepbrother, the Watch GT

Watch more updates about this pair very soon!


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