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RAM: Will the new iPhones come with 2GB, iPad Pro with 4GB?

Even after the official announcement, questions about the full material specification of the new devices from Continue

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In its best tradition, It has provided us with many interesting and even impressive details about the hardware that makes up its new flagship devices - yet it has dropped some of the more juicy details.

One of those missing details is the amount of RAM on the new iPad Pro and the 6S and the 6S Plus. After several years in them Make do with volume Of a single gigabyte across the entire product line came the iPad Air 2, equipped with a volume of 2GB - causing a considerable number of consumers to hope that a similar volume will receive the updated iPhones. According to the latest reports, this is indeed what happened.

Apple's site includes a comprehensive and detailed comparison between all the iPhone models currently sold officially - but among all these data you will not find the amount of RAM, processor speed or the number of cores, and also the battery capacity
the site of Includes a fairly comprehensive and detailed comparison of all the officially sold iPhone models - but you won't find any of this data in any of those data., Processor speed or number of cores, and also the battery capacity

According to a user who has access to the internal Sales Web site , The updated pair of iPhones does contain memory In double volume of 2GB. However, without any visual evidence on the subject, it seems that we will have to wait another week or so for the critics to arrive, who can already say with certainty what the truth is and what the rumors are.

If that were not enough, a certain paragraph on Adobe's official website (which has already been edited and gone since) has stated that the iPad has no less than 4GB of storage space. It is not clear what this data is, or its confidentiality in the first place, but at the moment there seems to be good reason to believe that the larger iPad will come with more RAM than any one gadget , Whether it is 3GB or 4GB.

Incriminating trial on Adobe's official blog, before it was held
Incriminating trial on Adobe's official blog, before it was held

Even assuming that we have finally discovered the volume of RAM in the iPhones and the new iPad, we have one significant question mark - the performance itself. The A8 and A8X chips are still very close to the top of the market performance, And it will be very interesting to see how and how the A9 and A9X will improve with the new manufacturing process and the far-reaching announcements for desktop processor performance.

The new multitasking king?
The new multitasking king?

We will continue to follow and update you.

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  1. The price of it is just a shame. Together with a keyboard, pen and normal storage volume (it's a tablet for work, isn't it?) Pass the thousand dollars calmly. A thousand dollars for a device with a crippled hardware that costs like a PC or even an Air bottle.

    On the other hand it is Apple, they will sell millions even if it was made of fake cockroaches.

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