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Xiami's New Monster: Five Rear Cameras and a Battery Capacity More Than 5,000mAh

Initial details about the Mi Note 10 model announce the use of an up-to-date gaming chip And the most advanced photography sensor Samsung has to offer to the mobile world - plus a camera that provides 5 optical close-up and a surprisingly good battery

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You searched, checked, debated and still couldn't find you Intermediate that meets all your requirements? You should say hello to Mi Note 10's , Which will be recognized in some markets as the CC9 Pro.

Bashumi plans to launch the new model, which will be the third of the young CC9 brand and also bring the Mi Note series back to life after a two-year respite, at an event to be held at 14 in November - but that doesn't stop them from providing us with most of the smartphone details in teasers Different at this stage already, and for good reason: These are particularly impressive features, in many ways.

Four photo sensors? This is old news - know the next development in line

The Mi Note 10 will be one of the first devices on the market with a five-camera rear camera, including a megapixel 108 unit based on the in-house sensor , A 8 megapixel sensor that provides 5 optical close-up from the main sensor, a 12 megapixel optical close-up from the main unit, a wide-angle 2-wide-pixel camera, and an 20 megapixel second-hand camera . All this plus the 2 megapixel selfie camera in a small 'drop' center in the center of the top of the display panel - surely we are taking another step towards the future for all There will be a double-digit number of cameras for all life cases and all required documentation.

5 optical zoom without loss of quality - and a super advanced hybrid zoom of up to 50

The Mi Note 10 will offer a Super AMOLED 6.47-inch screen with 2,340 × 1,080 pixels resolution and with HDR10 Plus standard support, Snapdragon 730G latest octagon of Qualcomm, RAM between 6GB and 12GB, built-in storage of between 64GB and 256GB with additional expandability on microSD cards, under-screen optical fingerprint scanner, NFC built-in connectivity 802.11ac dual channel and even slot , FM radio receiver and infrared transmitter - the whole suite of small but important features that can hardly be found on any luxury device today and unfortunately.

Two sensors from the Mi Note 10's hexagonal array feature a four-axis optical stabilization system - when it is thought to be a close-up sensor pair to ensure maximum quality with minimum movement and unnecessary vibration when shooting

The Mi Note 10 battery will be another significant bonus for it in competition with other intermediate models - with a capacity of no less than 5,260mAh, which together with fast 30 watt charging is expected to regain about 58 percent of the generous capacity in 30 minutes, on the way to charging Complete in no time at all for a bad 65 minutes.

The CC9 Pro / Mi Note 10 screen will offer curves on both sides - and the battery should give good results, but also make it heavier and plump than usual

With a weight of 208 grams and a thickness of about 9.7 millimeters, plus a few millimeters in the area of ​​the projection protruding from the back of the smartphone body, the Mi Note 10 certainly will not suit anyone - but those who are interested in varied photography capabilities and especially long working hours without The battery charge may fall in love.

There are also testimonials and prophecies about the Mi Note 10 Pro version (what will be its name in China? CC9 Pro Pro?), Which is based on 855 Plus is much more powerful - but not sure that it will be announced in the immediate time

Full details will come in less than two weeks, as at this point the price is probably the main fade away. Want to try and predict it on your own? It's time to do so in the comments!

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