Leading choice for smartphones in the mid-market (updated)

The original article: More and more future models will be based on the new Snapdragon 675 - which seemed very promising in my tests Which is observed

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A large elongated screen of more than 6 inches, with one or more drawbacks in most cases, a 48 megapixel camera sensor from Samsung or Sony, Snapdragon 675 is a fresh octagon created in 11's NMR lithography - these are the building blocks that are seen quite a bit In the middle market this year, and according to all the early indications, this will be a big jump forward in relation to everything we used to get in the past with the same price tags.

After we heard about The Redmi Note 7 Pro The most promising of all, on the Meizu Note M9, and even on the A device from Hisense With similar characteristics - we are now also getting first information about home models And from Vivo, The latest 675, as heirs worthy of previous-generation models based on chips 626 and 636 are much more modest and basic in their capabilities.

Six models with The New Age is on its way - and the hand is still on the rise, probably

Vivo is designed to present a very intriguing model called V15 Pro, which will include a super-slim 6.5-inch screen with no fault, 6GB dynamic memory, 128GB internal storage, Recent 9.0 Pie, Built-in back-up, triangular back-up array with 48 main MP unit and secondary side units at 8 and MPX resolutions (including a relatively unique design that extends to the top of the device) - mainly a SLF camera with 5 An impressive megapixel that will add to the elegance and general sense of news.

Will it be the new Salafi king of the Chinese market? The resolution of photography is not everything, but it seems that this is a very new and intriguing sensor

Lenovo may offer us a pair of Snapdragon 675 devices, at least through the Moto brand at its own risk - the P40 with an 6.2 IPS screen, a dual back camera with a main 48 megapixel unit, a 12 megapixel camera A 64GB or 128GB storage plus 6GB of RAM and a fine 4,100mAh battery, while the other will carry the name Z4 Play and will include a single XMUMX single-megapixel camera, 48 Super AMOLED screen, 9.0 Pie, built-in 3,600mAh battery and dedicated connector for plug- Modular modems that the manufacturer refuses to give up.

Lenovo and Motorola hope to return to the headlines this year, with Qualcomm's help

At the same time as rumors about the devices themselves, another appearance of the Snapdragon 675 in the Geekbench performance test database reinforces the assumption that this product will be the most powerful of the company Outside the family of the The leading 800.

One of the latest results for SDM6150, 675 - probably within the V15 Pro designed

The result of almost 2,400 points for single core performance and almost 6,500 points in multi-core mode is significantly superior to those of the H- 670 and 710, and even approaches those of the X- 835, which was the glory of the creation in the market a little over a year ago - and now it seems that the main question mark remains about the core Adreno 612 graphic, and its capabilities to challenge the core Adreno 615 and Adreno 616, or even Adreno 540 of the - 835 in question. We will also be pleasantly surprised by this category as the official launch date of the The first 675.

של 835 in intermediate products at the price of 300 dollars and perhaps even less? We will soon discover the full picture

Update: Another image of the V15 Pro leaked to the network - showing the mechanical front-loading mechanism along with an additional important detail about 3,700mAh battery capacity. How effective the production process will be Compared to those of TSMC, on which most of the intermediate chips were based To this day? This will be a very interesting statistic to follow in the near future to our liking.

Champion of the Middle Market , With its refreshing appearance, in all its splendor