The new rumor: Galaxy S7 will come with 3-D touch technology, such as Apple's HWzone

The new rumor: Galaxy S7 will come with 3D touch technology, as with Apple

Reports of the Korean manufacturer's next flagship products are increasing, with new-looking digital processing and a statement of advanced touch technology that Fite will give its biggest competitor

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The year 2016 is here, which means that rumors about new smartphones are gaining momentum much more than anything we have received in recent months. The leader of the group, quite obviously, is Samsung and its designated Galaxy S devices, From which we may receive four at once (!) In the coming months, when it should be noted that exposure in CES 2016 in a few weeks seems like a possibility with a small chance, and the following options are in line at the exhibition 2016 in February or any separate dedicated event in March 2016.

According to a recent report making rounds across the network, the new leading smartphones will not allow Apple to open any significant technology advantage - and will also adopt touch screens with three-dimensional, similar style To 3D Touch There is an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6S Plus and similarly For Force Touch Which she announced For a special version of the Mate S earlier this year. Similar to touchpad digitizers, 3D touch technology adds a click-to-screen intensity dimension, which opens up new and more advanced control options for supporting products.


The exclusivity of The technology, which is still in its infancy, will end in a few months?

Another recent report insists that Samsung have decided to revert to their previous strategy, launching the new flagship devices by integrating homemade chips with Qualcomm chips - meaning a combination of Exynos 8890 To Snapdragon 820, The latter may even be exclusive to the Korean giant in the first period. Taking into consideration that the initial tests indicate that the future chip of Has returned to its natural place at the top of the technology and performance chain, it is possible that in this particular case, it is certainly not so bad.


Temporary exclusivity for iphone There will be a 'gift of reconciliation' of , In order to regain its biggest customer?

For dessert, the Twitter account leaks OnLeaks did what they excel at (along with the members of the site) and created a digital model of the " S7 and the tablet that will probably accompany it, based on the drawings and dimensions presented to us last week. You are definitely welcome to watch and be impressed.

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  1. Anyone who thinks the Forces Touch section is a big gimmick is wrong. I tried it the other day and it's less than genius.
    Not only does a worker work perfectly, there is a clear, standard click-to-click diagnosis with a little power that opens a menu with different shortcuts for each reflection, it also greatly accelerates all the actions you are used to doing such as creating a new contact, or browsing and so on and so forth .

  2. What gives you a long click on Android besides dragging the app from place to place? Or are there new things I'm not aware of ...

    And here it is not a long click, it is a force pressing as opposed to pressing.

  3. Are you stellan? A long click gives you everything you choose it will give you. Opening menus for example (used in the world's leading and most popular app - Facebook). You might as well ask "what gives you a strong click on Android"… ..
    I also don't understand the difference between a "strong" and a "long" click, I don't see it as useful except for games that the game name can detect if you click "like crazy" on something so it'll probably do some action (hit?) More strongly .

  4. Don't know what confuses your brain, but long pressing the dialer's icon really doesn't open a menu with the option to add contacts, see missed calls, or switch to dialer. And a long click with the Facebook icon doesn't really open up the option to upload a photo or status, or watch a torch. I need to get into the app first and then select those things from the menu.

  5. And that's just a small part of it, look for YouTube videos and you'll see how useful it is in everything.

    Show me how on Android you can take a peek at email inbox and then return to the list on release.

  6. Nobody said these uses existed today (except for the example I gave about Facebook - since there are - and while other places are of course, and many - long clicking on certain elements affects them differently than normal clicking), but they can be exercised - just as they were exercised by clicking " Strong "so can also be exercised with a" long "click. What is the difference?

  7. Anonymous User - The Galaxy 5 has the ability to peek through emails without signing in. I simply move my finger over them, without touching the screen ("hovering"), and open a bubble that shows the contents of the email.
    Anyway, I agree with you, and as many as different interface methods are better. That way you can do more things in less actions.
    The example I gave from the Galaxy 5 for example, many times I used it, moved really conveniently.
    It has different uses for different apps, just like Force touch, but just need developers to use that ability with their apps, and right now it's mostly happening in Samsung apps, even though I used to notice that it works on Facebook, and I could read comments that have a " Read more, "without clicking it. For some reason it doesn't work for me anymore.

  8. I don't know why it presents me as anonymous, I'll check it out.

    Anyway, maybe a little exaggerated if the description. I have no iPhone at all I just tried it at idigital a few days ago and as it seems not only is the idea good but also the very successful execution and that is why I am excited.

    The big difference between what you tell Apple's technology is the ability to embed. Instead of waiting for developers to put it into software on the iPhone, it already exists as part of the system and at least this is a fundamental difference.

    Looking at the overall picture, iPhones are very lacking in relation to what Android devices offer today, but I deserve to have an original idea and a great performance.

  9. milford You are right that you can basically achieve the same thing with a long click, but there is indeed a big difference - a strong click is in addition to a long click. This means that the difference is not in being able to achieve the desired result but in adding a new dimension to what you can do with a click and hence you actually can do more. One action with a tap, another with a long click, and a third with a strong click.

    After all, it's all about making the interface more accessible and shortening the time between user's desire and the end result.

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