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Next Battery Life Hero: Budget Smartphone with 5,000mAh Capacity

The next generation Redmi model of the successful manufacturer has been documented in the Chinese body - and may indicate another leap in the expected battery life

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Xiami's Redmi family bought its world a few years ago thanks to a combination of great prices and equally great battery life, which in most cases came thanks to the use of 4,000mAh capacity batteries which was considered revolutionary almost anywhere On Redmi Note 3 days At the end of 2015. Today capacity This is much more common, when there are several products on the market that even enjoy larger numbers without giving up a competitive price tag - which may explain why in the next incarnation we will see the Trying to set a new and impressive standard of its own.

In the Chinese regulatory body TENAA, a fresh and unfamiliar Redmi model has been documented under the M1908C3IC model name, with an updated and different design from what we have seen to date in the series, apparently indicating that it is a new beginning and no further variation of the existing - and 6.21 inch display panel size with XNX resolution The modest 1,520 pixel probably indicates that it is a Redmi 720, and not one of the larger and more advanced Note versions.

The next generation with a first glimpse - plump, but with Huge

A dual rear camera is at the center of the product, in a way that is reminiscent of models Redmi Note 3 And Redmi Note 4, and the 'Redmi' captions (both back center and front at the bottom) and 'Designed By Xiaomi' stand out to convey some pride in the brand and prevent any confusion with other smart devices around. There's also an 8 megapixel selfie camera in the center, which probably indicates that a 'drop' like this In the seventh Redmi generation Keep moving on with us too.

Let's hope Biyumi will preserve, and even increase, the interesting range of shades and finishes we've seen in the current generation

The future device will be powered by an octagonal chip that reaches a working frequency of up to 2GHz (is it a fresh Snapdragon 665? It will certainly be a nice improvement Compared to Snapdragon 632 on Redmi 7) And offer a dynamic memory of between 2GB and 4GB with 16GB to 64GB of expandable storage that can be expanded using microSD cards - and the most interesting data revealed is With an increased capacity of no less than 5,000mAh, you can tell great capabilities along with the model's modest display resolution.

There is no record of the device profile from the top and bottom, so for now we can't know for sure if the headphone slot is still there - just hope it doesn't suddenly disappear.

More technical details about the Redmi 8 (assuming it really is) We don't have any, but we can keep our fingers crossed for dual-channel Wi-Fi connectivity with the 802.11ac standard plus Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, faster battery charging support and maybe even a combination (Though the odds are probably pretty low, it's worth acknowledging).

The public appearance of the smart device at TENAA indicates high maturity and possible launch within a few weeks - so we will keep following and make sure to update you as we hear more information.


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  1. 3's ASEN ZENFONE 2017 ZOOM was equipped with an 5000 625 processor with amazing FHD dual camcorder cameras, a superb radio and audio chip with a headphone jack, so this highlighter didn't break any record or battery ...

  2. Quote by golde

    The ZENFONE 3 ZOOM of ASUS Of 2017 was with battery 5000 625 processor amazing cameras made in FHD screen and excellent audio chip so this highlighter did not break any record in battery or special pitzer ...

    Nice and beautiful that he had this battery and other data but in terms of price it was not worth it so what's the point ...

    The real star that year (2017) was Xiaomi which is RN4 SD625 and RN4X with the same processor with 4100mAh battery (smaller but sane price to date it is high in terms of devices with large battery and it also lasts longer than RN7).

    a quote

    In October 2017, Lei Jun announced that Redmi Note 4X sales exceeded 20 million units globally and its reputation was good

    And those who wanted an even bigger battery that year (2017) also had the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with the 5300mAh and SD625 battery and still cost less than the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom and again despite some data that the Asus price eventually determines.

    1. Buying a Phone Doesn't Buy a Price That Means Screen Cameras Battery Reliable Memory And More Features ... And I'm not a follower of brands such as Samsung who are dissatisfied with their service to say the least, the perpetual Samsung Samsung replaces it and I'm talking about Samsung warranty manufacturer + insurance that has been shipped for the first time Spoil him with something else and go back ... Hashyumi is the king of credibility in the Holocaust.

  3. Quote by golde

    Phone Buyers Don't Buy Price

    But when buyers have to buy smart it means a device that will give a price.

    Quote by golde

    Every time the perpetual Samsung-based Samsung breaks down, I talk about it סמסונג Manufacturer + insurance responsibility

    The fact that Samsung recently made Manufacturer + Insurance does not make it more reliable but just paid more only for the name and the insurance for the peace of mind that you did not get according to what you wrote.

    in brief…

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